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Aero Whatsapp

Aero Whatsapp Apk is another variant of the standard Whatsapp. This version contains more features and fun factors than the regular format. The level of superiority and independence that Aero Whatsapp proffers are matchless. 

Aspect Description
Application Aero WhatsApp
Purpose Modified version of WhatsApp with added features and customization options
Developer Bozkurt Hazarr
Platform Android
Latest Version 17.5
Release Date December 2021
Features Themes, privacy options, message scheduling, app lock, anti-revoke, and more
Security End-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and regular updates
Popularity Popular among users seeking a customizable WhatsApp experience
Availability Not on official Google Play Store, needs third-party download
Compatibility Works with most Android devices running Android 4.1 or later

You will get several enthralling elements, from the personalization of the display to look at deleted content. Furthermore, this alternative has a built-in anti-ban system that will not let the original company ban you. That is why you can utilize this stunning third-party variant without any concern. 

Essential Titbits of Aero Whatsapp

Before giving any app or APK version a try, it is necessary to know the vital titbits. This way, you can avail yourself of the app with belief and satisfaction. In the case of Aero Whatsapp, the following information will help you decide whether you can give it a shot or not:

  • Aero Whatsapp, otherwise known as Whatsapp Aero, is a modified form of the typical Whatsapp Messenger. 
  • It was crafted and publicized by the legendary developer Bozkurt Hazarr.
  • The sole purpose of its invention was to impart users with more indispensable factors that the regular version cannot. 
  • It is light regarding space and takes only a little of your cellular phone’s memory. 
  • It is quick, straightforward, and more flexible than its counterparts. 
  • It runs on all operative systems including iOS, Android, and Windows. 
  • Its Android requirement is 5.0 or more than that. 
  • The latest running version of Aero Whatsapp is 9.52F. 
  • It is free from glitches, bugs, security concerns, and banning fear. 

All the above information is theoretically correct and experimentally checked. So, you do not have to worry or second-check these facts. 

Distinctive Aspects of Aero Whatsapp

We have already established the fact that this variant is far better than the original one. With several fascinating features and privacy, it has become Whatsapp’s most popular modded format. 

The level of affability and might that this version proffer is unrivalled. The minute you download the APK file and start using it, you begin to adore its features. You will love the following distinctive aspects, from beautifying the interface to having the edge over standard users. 

  • Personalization 

Everyone wants everything in accordance with their desire. From home décor to digital appliances, we all want what satisfies our insatiable desire for uniqueness. The same thing stands true with Whatsapp. We all get bored with its years-old and monotonous look. 

So, if you, too, want to personalize the display, worry not. Aero Whatsapp is here for you, with a lot of space to modify your Whatsapp interface. From changing themes to setting up aesthetic backgrounds, do whatever is needed. 

  • Modify Home Screen 

The developer has proffered fourteen different home screen styles to give the users more pleasure and a sense of inimitability. Some of these styles are:

  • WANH
  • Prime V1 to V6F
  • NL Mods
  • Telegram

All these styles are free of cost. You can replace them anytime you feel like changing them. 

Aero Whatsapp

  • Backing Up Data Automatically 

The standard version and most modded formats need you to back up data manually. This can be complicated and time-consuming. Furthermore, most users are unaware of the process and how to do it. 

With Aero Whatsapp, you do not need to do the task by hand. It has a built-in titanium backup that backs up all the data robotically. 

  • View Deleted Content 

Viewing the deleted content is everyone’s fantasy. People often get mad when someone erases messages before them seeing. Moreover, the same thing goes for statuses. If your contact obliterates a status, you will not be able to see it. 

However, Aero Whatsapp has developed mechanics to grasp the deleted content. This includes both the statuses and messages. 

  • Speed Up Communication 

You cannot always keep on checking your mobile for new messages. This can cost some essential dealings. It becomes complicated with the standard version if you have to promptly reply to an instant conversation as you cannot do it for any reason. 

Nonetheless, Aero Whatsapp does not let vital content slip when you are busy. Its built-in autoreply system speeds up your communication even in your absence.

How to use Aero Whatsapp?

To use Aero Whatsapp, download its APK file from our site.

How to update Aero Whatsapp?

To update Aero Whatsapp, delete the present version, come to our site and download the latest one.

How to open Aero Whatsapp?

Opening Aero Whatsapp is straightforward. All you have to do is to install its APK file, permit apps from unknown sources, and open it.

Is Aero Whatsapp banned?

Aero Whatsapp is not banned for users.

Is Aero Whatsapp safe?

Yes, Aero Whatsapp is safe when downloaded from a trusted site like ours.