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AO Whatsapp

You might have heard about various modified formats of Whatsapp. These modded versions are considered the best because they:

  • Retain all the original factors of the indigenous version. For example, you can send or receive messages and make audio or video calls.
  • Give many additional elements that the original format fails to provide.

That is why everyone is talking about these altered versions nowadays. One such Whatsapp variant is AO Whatsapp. This remarkable application has won millions of hearts since its release.

People love using this alternative due to the many unique features it offers. You will be amazed to know the level of flexibility this outstanding application provides.

Fun Factors of AO Whatsapp

You will miss many vital aspects of the advanced communique world using the standard version. For instance, you will not be able to:

  1. Mask your online presence.
  2. Alter the theme 
  3. Change the font styles 
  4. Download someone else’s status.
  5. Send a data file larger than 16 MB.
  6. Send or receive more than 30 photos at once.
  7. Protect your privacy by locking a particular chat.
  8. Hide your conversations with some people.
  9. Make friends and family groups more than the given limits.
  10. Hide “writing” or “recording” statuses.
  11. Mask blue or grey ticks.
  12. Block strangers or specific contacts from calling you.
  13. Enjoy WiFi or data connection while not bothering about Whatsapp.
  14. Send or receive more extensive videos.
  15. Send an HD picture without compromising its quality. 

That is why you need an alternative format like AO Whatsapp. All the flaws of the original version become the strength of the modded design.

You can look at the following attributes of our treasured application for further clarification.


  • Multiple Languages

Language is the fundamental barrier while communicating with someone, as only some people can speak or understand English. The indigenous version does not let you translate anyone’s message into your desired language. 

At the same time, if you use AO Whatsapp, the complication can be solved quickly. You can feasibly translate the content if you understand a little English or prefer your mother tongue. 

  • Download Whatsapp Status 

Statuses have become a part of our routine. People keep on uploading and changing their stories. Some do it for fun, while others upload them to express emotions. People upload videos or pics that can be their own or just random informative or entertaining files.

You can never download these files if you still use the indigenous version. However, with AO Whatsapp’s help, you can save someone’s story without letting them know. It is also a straightforward process without any complications.

  • Do Not Disturb Me 

You cannot always be in the mood to respond to a message or call. People are expected to want privacy after a tiresome day or some tension. People do not get this and keep on calling you repeatedly. What is more annoying is the standard version can tell them about your online availability.

Therefore, most folks prefer AO Whatsapp as this stunning application does not let anyone disturb their privacy. With Do Not Disturb mode, you can filter the numbers that cannot call you. 

  • Anti-Ban System 

No matter how much these alternative formats are helpful. Whatsapp still does not want them. Therefore, it keeps on banning people who use these alternatives. This has been a bigger problem in the past but not anymore.

It is because AO Whatsapp comes with an anti-ban system that does not let the original developers know that you are using it. This way, they will never be able to ban you from using their application.

  • Send Extensive Files 

Sharing pictures and videos is the most crucial aspect of Whatsapp. Undoubtedly, the remarkable communication app has given this opportunity to the world. However, it imposes some limitations. For instance, you cannot send or receive a larger file.

This problem can be solved using AO Whatsapp as this outstanding application lets users share the extensive file. There is no limit of 16 MB, and you can send or receive pictures, videos, and documents of more than sixteen MB. 

  • Chat With Unsaved Numbers 

The standard version allows you to chat with or call only the saved numbers. If you want to communicate with an unknown number, you must save it first. This is another annoying factor you must bear while utilizing the regular format.

On the other hand, AO Whatsapp offers you to call or chat with unsaved numbers. You will not have to save a particular number to contact them.


How to block calls on AO Whatsapp?

Go to Whatsapp>>click three dots in the upper right corner>>tap settings>>Other MODs>>Disable Calls.

How to download AO Whatsapp for android?

You can download AO Whatsapp for android by installing its APK file from our website.

How to restore chats in AO Whatsapp?

After downloading the APK file, install the application. After a few steps, it will give you an option for restoring the chats. Click the option.

Is AO Whatsapp banned?

AO Whatsapp is not banned.

Is it safe to use AO Whatsapp?

Yes, it is safe to use AO Whatsapp.