AR WhatsApp

AR WhatsApp

Are you worried about facing many problems online? Do you want to remain safe from all these problems, like; privacy-related problems, not tracking your location, free from ads, and want to hide your online activities on WhatsApp? A modified version of WhatsApp is the solution to all these problems. AR WhatsApp is the next generation of Official WhatsApp with many new features. Let’s know about AR WhatsApp.

Information Description
Name AR WhatsApp
Function Mobile messaging app for Android and iOS devices
Parent company Facebook
Release date Feb. 24, 2009
OS Android, iOS
Languages 60+ supported
Users 2B+ monthly active users
Security End-to-end encryption, 2-step verification, reporting/blocking
Business Business profiles, WhatsApp Business API, catalogs
Other features WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Payments

AR WhatsApp has two green versions, AR WhatsApp and AR2 WhatsApp. AR WhatsApp is used as an alternative to official WhatsApp. You have to uninstall the original one to download the AR WhatsApp. AR2 WhatsApp works next to official WhatsApp with another number on the same phone. AR & AR2 can be used together on one mobile phone. Both have unique features.

Comparison with Official WhatsApp

The Official WhatsApp has limited features compared to the MOD version of AR WhatsApp. Original can’t provide you the same privacy level as AR WhatsApp provides. You cannot prevent others from seeing your online activities, but AR WhatsApp protects you from all these happenings. 

Comparison with other MOD Versions

Although all the MOD versions have the best features, AR WhatsApp is a unique MOD version with two types of Apps. Both can be used in a single phone. Its privacy features are excellent and provide great protection.

Some MOD Versions like AR WhatsApp

Few MOD versions have almost the same features, but their performance level can’t match with AR WhatsApp by speed and accuracy of functions. AR WhatsApp iOS, AR2 WhatsApp Blue, and AR WhatsApp Pink have the same features that can’t perform on Android devices.

Pros of AR WhatsApp

AR WhatsApp has many valuable features related to privacy, chatting, video status, themes, call management, and other online activities. All these functions will make your account more attractive.

Cons of AR WhatsApp

There are some problems related to fluctuation and malware viruses. Your mobile can be affected by any virus. Privacy can also be affected because developers will access your phone while downloading.

Why AR WhatsApp?

It has many exceptional features that other MOD versions can’t match its performance. The privacy functions of AR WhatsApp are excellent. Video status timing of 5 minutes is its outstanding feature; other WhatsApps have only 30 seconds capacity for video status.

Main Features of AR WhatsApp

Unique Interface

The Interface is different from other WhatsApp. It has floating buttons for settings and contacts. The color of the screen is dark. The setting option is so easy to handle. 

Privacy Functions

  • Prevent others from seeing you online
  • Hide your online status
  • Hide your profile picture
  • Hide blue tick & double tick, typing and recording from your contacts
  • Remove forwarded tag
  • Call blocker option to avoid unwanted calls
  • Lock your messages 
  • Watch the deleted messages from your contacts

AR WhatsApp

Voice Note Status

You can share voice notes on your status now on AR WhatsApp. With the mic button, you can record your live voice status directly on the status bar. 

Multiple Data Sharing to Multiple Apps

You can share only one image to external Apps like Instagram or Facebook. But now you can simultaneously share multiple photos, videos, or files to many Apps.

Collection of Themes

AR WhatsApp provides you with a great collection of beautiful themes. You can also download and install other themes online here. You can make your mobile screen more attractive using its themes.

Messages to Unsaved Numbers

With AR WhatsApp, you can send messages and videos to unsaved numbers. You do not need to save a number in your contacts list.

5 minutes Video Status

Official WhatsApp has the capacity to video status for only 30 seconds. With AR WhatsApp, you can set the video status to 5 minutes. Contacts with the same WhatsApp version can watch your status. Others will see the 30 seconds status. 

Contact with Color Scheme

You can change the color scheme of your contact to be separate or prominent from other contact numbers.

Backup Recovery

AR WhatsApp facilitates its users to recover lost data with its Backup system. You need not worry about your lost data.

Automatic Reply to Messages

You can set a custom message to reply to your contacts when you are offline. 

Background Setting

You can set your background with different images or color schemes to make it elegant & unique. 


To make it more accessible and have more privacy features for your WhatsApp account, you should install AR WhatsApp. It has many unique features to enjoy that others have limited use. It is the right choice for you to overcome all online problems.


How to Download AR WhatsApp?

Click on the download link here. It will download on your Android device.

How to freeze last seen in AR WhatsApp?

On AR WhatsApp, taps on the three dots on the right side of the screen. Select the account>privacy>last seen> choose Nobody in the menu options.

How to hide chat in AR WhatsApp?

Go to the WhatsApp setting, click on chat, and tap on the option archived and archived to hide the conversation.

Is AR WhatsApp safe to use?

Yes, you can use this MOD version without any tension about safety issues.