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AZ Whatsapp

You must have used the traditional Whatsapp application. It is the most suitable and feasible software for contacting your loved ones. You can do anything from chatting to audio and video calling using this application. 

Aspect Description
Application AZ WhatsApp
Purpose A modified version of WhatsApp that offers additional features and customization options.
Developer Sam Mods
Platform Android
Latest Version 16.60
Release Date February 2022
Features Themes, privacy options, message scheduling, app lock, anti-revoke, and more.
Security End-to-end encryption for messages, support for two-factor authentication, and regular updates to address security vulnerabilities.
Popularity Popular among users looking for a more customizable WhatsApp experience.
Availability AZ WhatsApp is not available on the official Google Play Store and needs to be downloaded from third-party websites.
Compatibility Compatible with most Android devices running Android 4.0.3 or later.

However, there are many points that this standard version lacks. It has a number of drawbacks regarding today’s advanced requirements. Furthermore, the developers also do not heed the progressive customer’s needs. 

This deafness leads to the creation of a space for third-party applications like AZ Whatsapp. It is a variant of Whatsapp and provides its customers with all the fun factors they want. If you want to know more about the astounding features of AZ Whatsapp, stay put. This article will explain everything about this stunning app. 

Vital Information

Before jumping to the feature section, let’s tell you some vital titbits regarding our adored version. You might need these specifications before giving it a shot. Moreover, these pieces of information are also essential to know regarding your device’s compatibility: 

  1. AZ Whatsapp is a third-party variant of the typical application. It proffers users a number of fun factors.
  2. It does not take much of your cellular phone’s space. 
  3. It is also instrumental in giving you high-quality privacy.
  4. The latest running version of AZ Whatsapp is 10.90. 
  5. Android requirement for this variant is above 4.0.
  6. It also runs on other operative systems like Windows and iOS.

So, if you are using an Android (more than 4.0) or any other device, you can avail yourself of this astonishing application. 

AZ Whatsapp

Fun Factors of AZ Whatsapp

AZ Whatsapp is a popular alternative to Whatsapp. Soon after its introduction, people began using and loving it. Its fame owes to the numerous fantastic elements this replacement provides. You will relish the following factors using AZ Whatsapp:

  1. It has a built-in app lock, which means that you will not have to rely on your lock pattern to protect your data from invaders. The built-in lock mode is reliable and gives more security than the traditional lock. 
  2. If you have a private chat in your Whatsapp, you can guard it against outsiders using this version. It will not let anyone put a hand on your private conversation. 
  3. It comes with a whopping number of three thousand plus themes. These themes vary from black and white to abstract. You can also get many aesthetic or abstract designs. Using numerous themes alternatively will give your display a brand-new look. 
  4. You can avail yourself of thousands of stunning background images to beautify your chat box.
  5. If you love to change font style and size, we have a piece of good news for you. AZ Whatsapp also provides more than thirty font styles. You can change the existing style anytime you want.
  6. Like the typical version, it does not have only one language. You can relish using Whatsapp in your national language. 
  7. You can upload a long video status. It has an extensive limit of up to seven minutes for a video status. It is better than the usual version, with a maximum limit of a few seconds. 
  8. If you want your device to generate an auto-reply when you are away, AZ Whatsapp can help you. Using this variant, you can set an automatic reply. So, next time whenever you are busy, you will not have to worry about replying to an important message. 
  9. You can send videos, images, and files of larger sizes. There is no limit of sixteen MB only. This feature proffers sharing more extensive data quickly and feasibly. You will not have to use another application or platform for the purpose. 
  10. There are multiple features in the traditional version that can tell someone about your online presence. Using AZ Whatsapp, you can hide and mask all of the features, including blue tick, grey double tick, typing, or recording status. 
  11. Moreover, like the standard version, you can also mask your online status. 
  12. You can also download anyone’s status using this stunning alternative of Whatsapp. No one on the other side will ever know that you have saved their story. 
  13. It comes with an anti-delete system. This mechanism lets you read any deleted content. This feature is also painless, as you will not have to go through complicated processes. 


What is AZ Whatsapp?

AZ Whatsapp is a modified version of the traditional Whatsapp application. It offers more features than Whatsapp.

How to download AZ Whatsapp?

You can download AZ Whatsapp by downloading and installing its APK version from our site.

How to update AZ Whatsapp?

Back up your data>>Delete the existing version>>visit our site>>download and install the latest version.

Is AZ Whatsapp safe?

AZ Whatsapp is safe when downloaded from a trusted site like ours.

Is AZ Whatsapp banned?

AZ Whatsapp is not banned for customers’ use.