Baby Whatsapp

Baby Whatsapp

Do you want to control the privacy settings of your favorite WhatsApp application? Baby WhatsApp is the best-modded version of the original WhatsApp. Users can enjoy unlimited advanced themes, unique layouts, and many other customization options free of cost.

Category Information
Name Baby Whatsapp
Description A messaging app designed for parents and their babies
Operating System Available on iOS and Android
Developer Unknown
Release Date Unknown
Price Free
Features – Ability to create baby profiles
– Send voice messages and photos
– Parental controls to restrict usage
– Accessible in multiple languages

You can use this fantastic application to chat with your friends, send them dozens of pictures, share your beautiful life moments with anyone, and tease your friends without showing your name and phone number. This application gives you the opportunity to adjust many fantastic customization options freely.

Exciting aspects of the app

  • Users can hide their last seen profile pictures and statuses with friends and family.
  • You can now type 250 words of your WhatsApp status.
  • A fantastic application that allows users to translate messages
  • You can back up your chat and media history anywhere and anytime.
  • You can use hundreds of unique and funny emojis and stickers.
  • Change your ordinary-looking chat screen with beautiful, attractive themes, effects and stickers.
  • You can now hide typing status and recording status.
  • You can forward any text of your WhatsApp friends without letting them notice
  • You can apply many new font styles in seconds.
  • With the help of this excellent application, you can watch all deleted status 
  • With the help of more advanced and stunning features, you can lock any of your favorite chats. 
  • Users can choose the icons of their WhatsApp and can entirely change the dull appearance of their favorite WhatsApp application.

Hide status view

Baby WhatsApp has many advanced customization options. Users can hide their status view with their WhatsApp friends. You can see any of your friends’ statuses without letting them know. You can make fun with your friends by pretending to ignore their status. This will make them annoyed, and they will fight with you. You can also tell them about their status without seeing it with this feature and impress them with any other excellent customization options.

Restore backup facility

This fantastic application allows users to provide a backup facility. Now you can backup your images and restore all of your important videos and essential documents. People are always worried about their important messages and essential documents if they lose their mobile phone or someone steals their mobile while traveling on public transport. With the help of this modded application, you will get rid of this tension. Now you can restore all your images, videos and documents in a few minutes just from your account number.

Baby Whatsapp

Make your chat screen more captivating

You can make your chat screen more captivating and attractive with many beautiful themes, stickers, effects, funny emojis and much more. 

  • You will never be bored with the incredible unlimited library of all decorating elements of this application. 
  • You have to find your favorite sticker, emoji, theme or background, click on download and then click on apply. Within seconds your favorite sticker will be on your cat screen. 
  • You will love all the mind-blowing features of this application without any subscription charges or registration fees.

Enjoy the dark mode of your favorite application

Do you want to have a decent look at your WhatsApp? Baby WhatsApp provides you with this facility with dark mode. Now you can apply dark mode, which is best for your eyes, and use your all-time favorite application 24/7 without harming your eyesight due to harsh white light. With dark mode, users will never have a problem with insomnia anymore due to the frequent use of WhatsApp.

Lock any of your favorite chats

Users can now lock any of their favorite WhatsApp friend’s chats with a pattern or password lock. No one can access these chats without your permission. Keep your secret chats with everyone. Now you can hide your personal life from your friends and boss. You can keep your secret communication with your valuable clients in an encrypted environment of this application. Share any essential document with your colleagues and clients; no one can break your privacy.


Baby WhatsApp has many unlimited excellent features. You can disable double click, bluetick, last seen, typing status or recording icon and many other advanced customization options free of cost. Users can change the appearance of their favorite application with new themes, beautiful stickers, catchy text styles, and beautiful fonts.


Why did I choose baby WhatsApp?

Baby WhatsApp is a simple and convenient application with a lot of advanced features free of cost. You can change any of your privacy settings anywhere and anytime. You can also change the appearance of your favorite application with new themes, stickers and much more.

Can I use two WhatsApp accounts and baby WhatsApp?

Yes, baby WhatsApp allows users to use two WhatsApp accounts in one application and one mobile phone. You just have to log in to any of your Whatsapp accounts and manage your personal and business life together.

Can I hide my profile picture in baby WhatsApp?

Baby WhatsApp provides many advanced features where you can hide your privacy settings from your friends and family. You can hide your profile picture, last seen, status view, message delivering and reading checks and many other options free of cost.

Can I see the deleted status in baby WhatsApp?

Baby WhatsApp lets users see all deleted statuses of their friends, siblings and loved ones. You can also hide your last seen status with everyone.