CooCoo Whatsapp

CooCoo Whatsapp

If you have yet to use a modded format of Whatsapp, we advise you to buckle up. Today, we will tell you about Whatsapp’s most amazing modified version. The variant has so many distinguished features that you will promptly consider it. The alternate is called CooCoo Whatsapp, and it will make your communique tasks easy. However, before moving ahead, let’s first tell you what a modded form of Whatsapp is. A variant is similar to the original application in sending or receiving messages and making audio and video calls. But it contains more fun factors than the indigenous form.

Topic Information
App Name CooCoo Whatsapp
Purpose Instant messaging and communication app
Developer CooCoo Technologies
Platform Android and iOS
Release Date September 2020
Latest Version 2.5.0
Size 39 MB (Android), 131.4 MB (iOS)
Language Supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Arabic
Features End-to-end encryption, voice and video calls, group chats, emojis
Availability Global availability with some countries having restrictions
Cost Free to download and use
Revenue Model No ads, in-app purchases for some features such as stickers
User Base Over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store
Competitors WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Facebook Messenger

For example, if you want to send a particular group of people a note at a specific time, you will use CooCoo Whatsapp. It is because the standard version does offer such a facility.

Difference between CooCoo Whatsapp and Whatsapp

There are many differences between the two, the standard version has many problems. It cannot comply with the advanced requirements of the customers. It has no flexibility regarding various functions and sticks to its traditional ways.

The rigidity has made a path for the developers to introduce more enchanting, pliable, and fantastic formats. CooCoo Whatsapp is also among these alternatives. You will find the following differences between the two applications. 

  • Whatsapp has no freedom regarding personalization. It sticks to the same old green theme.
  • The standard version does not offer an anti-delete option. You cannot read or see erased content.
  • The indigenous format limits the data sending or receiving to 16 MB only.
  • You can send only 30 pictures at a time.
  • You can send HD photos, but it will affect the quality.
  • You cannot chat with or make calls to unsaved numbers.
  • When using the standard form, your privacy can be compromised significantly.
  • You cannot filter unknown numbers and keep them from calling you.
  • You have no choice regarding font style if you want to alter them.
  • You cannot relish other applications or social media websites while hiding your online availability.

There are many other issues with Whatsapp. You take all the problems and solve them via CooCoo Whatsapp. It is the fundamental difference between the two communique apps.

Features of CooCoo Whatsapp

Now is the time to discuss some stunning elements of our adored application. These fun factors are free of cost and distinguish the app from the regular format.

You will relish the following fun elements using CooCoo Whatsapp:

Change the Interface

We have already established that Whatsapp does not let you change the interface. No matter how hard you wish for it, you can never get rid of the green theme. It will always stay there, and if you decide to keep using the standard version, you must make peace with it.

On the other hand, CooCoo Whatsapp lets you choose from hundreds of cool themes. It has a theme store that offers various choices to select from. 

Block Unwanted Callers

Unwanted callers are the most annoying people who keep bothering you. You tell them to stay away, and they will still call you repeatedly. In that case, the only option you are left with is to block them forever. 

Although Whatsapp gives you a block option, what would you do if they started calling from other numbers? You must use CooCoo Whatsapp to avoid these calls, as this remarkable app also filters unknown or unsaved numbers.

Download Statuses

You can quickly save anyone’s story while using CooCoo Whatsapp. Statuses are fun elements that people use for various reasons. From expressing emotions to sharing favorite videos, statuses have given us many opportunities.

That is why sometimes you wish to save your contact’s story to use or watch it later. Whatsapp does not permit you to do so. You will have to use the app we are discussing for this purpose.

Additional Privacy

Do you want to enjoy data or WiFi while shutting off calls and messages from Whatsapp? Or do you just want to mask your online availability? In both cases, CooCoo Whatsapp will help you. 

It hides all the marks that can give away your online presence, including blue ticks, grey ticks, green dots, writing, and recording statuses.

Send or Receive More Data

Do you want to send a data file of more than 16 MB? Then use CooCoo Whatsapp as it does not bind you to the limits. You can feasibly send more extensive files. Furthermore, it also lets you send more than 30 pictures at once.


How find CooCoo Whatsapp users?

You need a screenshot from the person. If you see an "About" option on the top, the person uses CooCoo Whatsapp. As in the standard version, this option is not available.

How to uninstall CooCoo Whatsapp?

Simply long-press the Whatsapp icon. It will give you the option to uninstall the app.

How to install CooCoo Whatsapp?

You can download an APK file of the variant from our website. After downloading is complete, tap the install option.

How does CooCoo Whatsapp work?

It works by offering Whatsapp's original features and many new functions.

Is CooCoo Whatsapp banned?

No, CooCoo Whatsapp is not banned.