FAWhatsApp is a MOD version of official WhatsApp. Billions of users are using WhatsApp for quick messaging. However, now with time, many users need more features for their requirements. That’s why now WhatsApp users are moving to the modified versions of WhatsApp. Here, we are going to discuss one of the best versions. FAWhatsApp is the famous version that has more service-providing features.

Category Information
App Name FAWhatsApp
App Description A modified version of WhatsApp with additional features and customization options
Developer FoudMakdad
Latest Version v18.1
Release Date September 2021
App Size Varies depending on device
Compatibility Android 4.0.3 and up
Features Privacy options, customization options, themes, message scheduling, media sharing, and more
Security End-to-end encryption, app lock feature
Availability Free to download and use
Source Third-party app, not available on official app stores like Google Play or Apple App Store

FAWhatsApp is another MOD version of Official WhatsApp with free download on Android devices. It has extra features that will impress you to use this App. It has an incredible control system on your in-built settings. You can learn about the viewers who have watched your status & profile. Its privacy and security features are also engaging for you to use the App.

Key Features of FAWhatsApp

  • Send messages to unsaved numbers
  • Share more images at once in messages
  • Change the colors of the groups
  • Fun emoticon collection
  • Custom Themes & Stickers

Refreshing Modification

This MOD version allows you to modify the App to your preference. You can change everything in the setting, such as modifying the App front screen with different colors and font styles. You can set different colors & stickers for each conversation. You can change the features you want according to your choice. It will be an excellent experience for you.  

Anonymity Features

To increase your anonymity, you can set your security with different features. The MOD version presents excellent functions for your safety. 

App Lock

You can protect your App with the in-built lock. To prevent your secrets from others, you can lock your App with a pattern or a pin code without locking your device. It is a safe way to relax using these features.

 Privacy Attributes

You can set your privacy to enable/disable various functions in your App settings, such as;

  1. Hide you’re last seen to prevent your activities from others
  2. Delete messages from both your and the recipient’s mobile
  3. Disable your recording option while recording
  4. Disable your typing option to hide
  5. Disable the call recording option so that nobody can record your call
  6. Hide your online status to work without interruption
  7. Hide your status from particular contacts if you want


Restore Deleted Data

When we delete some data from our WhatsApp, it disappears from our device. But if we delete some important data and want to restore it, this MOD version allows us to recover our device’s deleted messages and videos. We can download that data and convert it to our device.

Increased limit of Status & multiple Data

This MOD version has increased the limit for status video timing to 10 minutes. In standard WhatsApp, this limit is only 30 seconds. Also, sharing multiple data of images and audio/video is more than any other version. You can share the video clips of 10 minutes with your friends or for business purposes.

Conversion to Dark Mode

The Dark Mode is a nice change for the App’s appearance. With this mode, you can unlock the message and call option with offline notifications.  

Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

You can run multiple accounts with this MOD version. You don’t need to uninstall your previous App for this version. You can enable several accounts with different numbers on your single device. Your accounts are safe with its in-built security and Anti-ban technology.

Control the Viewers of your Status

A fantastic & vital feature of the App is to view those who see your status and how. It’s a great function to check on others related to your online activities.

Check your Profile Viewers

This app allows you the facility to check those peoples who have searched your profile. In this way, you remain updated with all activities happening around you.

Pin the Chats

All other WhatsApp versions allow users to pin only three conversations in their App. FAWhatsApp gives its users unlimited pin chats to remain in touch on the front of their screen. 


Control over the viewers who have seen your status and visited your profile is an excellent feature of this modified version. Restoring the deleted data is so helpful the user does not lose any essential items. And many more valuable features are available in this unique MOD version of WhatsApp. Don’t think more; download the App with the provided link on our website.


What is FAWhatsApp APK?

is FAWhatsApp APK is a modified version of Official WhatsApp created by third-party developers. It can be downloaded free of cost on our website.

Is FAWhatsApp safe to use?

FAWhatsApp is a safe and secure App with an Anti-ban service. Its features are encrypted to remain to save your data.

Is FAWhatsApp legal?

Yes, this is a legal App with complete legal requirements. You can run this App on your android device without any tension.

Can you run more than one account with this App?

Absolutely, you can run multiple accounts without uninstalling the previous account on your phone with different numbers.

How can we update the FAWhatsApp?

First, make sure that you are using the latest version of the App. And keep visiting our site for the latest updates of FAWhatsApp.