Fm Whatsapp


Why is the world called a global village? What distinguishes today’s world from the past? The answer is relatively straightforward; quick and easy communication. The world we are living in today is very different from the one our ancestors used to live in.

For example, they had to utilize paper and rely on the post office to communicate with people living away. That mode of communication took days and even months. They had to wait for the reply for a very long time.

Detail Description
App name FM Whatsapp
Developer Fouad Mokdad
Latest version V16.60.0 (Jan 2022)
OS Android
Features Customizable interface, privacy options, themes
Availability Third-party app, not on Google Play
Security Potential risk of malware or security threats
Legal status Not endorsed by WhatsApp or Facebook

However, it would seem absurd in today’s world. Sending and receiving letters is considered a years-old tradition. Today your connection with a person is just one click away. You can not only send them messages despite writing letters, but also video call them. All is made possible due to Whatsapp. Even Whatsapp is now considered insufficient for the purpose. That is why people are shifting towards third-party apps like FM Whatsapp. 

Why FM Whatsapp?

You can be in touch with your pals using the traditional Whatsapp application. So, why are we talking about an arbitrator like FM Whatsapp? It is because customary Whatsapp does not provide you with many facilities required today. 

It allows you to send or receive messages and make audio and video calls. It assists you in sharing your memorable moments or favored content with your pals. It lets you update your status to make other people watch or see your adored content. But does it:

  1. Allow you to get rid of the years-old green display?
  2. Permit you to share content more extensive than 16 MB?
  3. Let you upload a long video status?
  4. Give you an opportunity to download others’ statuses?
  5. Provide you some privacy by hiding the double or blue tick? 
  6. Help you alter the icon? 
  7. Assist you in filtering the calls of unwanted contacts? 
  8. Proffer an ability to chat with an unsaved contact? 
  9. Come up with an anti-delete option where you can see the deleted content? 
  10. Imparts you with the feasibility of sending or receiving a high-resolution picture?

The answer to all the ten questions asked above is a big no. Then what would you do to avail yourself of all these facilities? You will definitely go for FM Whatsapp. 

Fm Whatsapp

Distinctive Elements of FM Whatsapp

FM Whatsapp is an altered form of the typical Whatsapp version. You can get more freedom regarding privacy, chat, customization, statuses, and other factors. You will not be stuck with the limited number of options with FM Whatsapp. Following are some of the most astounding and enchanting elements of our adored application: 

  1. Customization and Tailoring 

With the standard Whatsapp version, you can only go as far as changing the background of the chat box. In terms of customization, it provides minimal options to its users. However, this issue can quickly be tackled using FM Whatsapp. This modernized version lets you personalize everything about the application. You can alter and reshape the interface, chat box, colors, notification icons, backgrounds, and breaks. 

  1. Variety of Themes 

FM Whatsapp comes with a built-in theme store. The app has a Yo-theme store that contains above a thousand colorful, distinctive, aesthetic, and captivating themes. With this whopping number of themes, you can give the display any shape you want. 

Feature Description
Customizable interface Themes, colors, and fonts customization
Privacy options Hiding online status, read receipts, typing indicators
App lock Password or pattern to lock app for added security
Media sharing Sending larger media files like videos, photos, audio files
Chat backup Back up chats to Google Drive or other cloud storage
  1. Get Rid of Unwanted Calls 

This is another remarkable and most wanted feature that the standard Whatsapp version lacks. Most users face the following issues while using the old form:

  • Calls from an unknown number sometimes become maddening, but you can do nothing about them. 
  • Calls from unwanted contacts while busy doing something or just trying to avoid them. You are also helpless in this regard when using the usual version. 

These two issues can be overcome by using the call blocker system of FM Whatsapp. You can choke calls from strange numbers and filter your own contacts. 

  1. Content Sharing 

The standard version has another annoying issue. It lets you share files that are under 16 MB only. The classic form chokes when sharing a larger file, video, or photo. However, you can send any file up to 700 MB using FM Whatsapp. 

  1. Status Downloading 

You can also download statuses on FM Whatsapp. The standard application does not provide this option.