Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp

At the current time, there are a lot of WhatsApp MODs available with unlimited unique features. The official WhatsApp has limited features, so people are migrating from the official to the unofficial MOD versions. Let’s discuss the latest MOD version, “Fouad WhatsApp.” Its name is related to its developer name, “Fouad Mokdad.”

Information Description
Name Fouad WhatsApp
Developer Fouad Mokdad
Latest Version v16.61.1 (March 2023)
Operating System Android
Category Communication
License Free
Size 43 MB
Downloads 10,000,000+
Features Customization options, Privacy settings, Anti-ban, Themes, and many more

Fouad WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp created by a third-party developer Fouad Mokdad. The App has full encrypted features for its users. This MOD version is free to download. This MOD version is on the top of the best updated MOD versions. You can work better and conveniently here.

Importance of Fouad WhatsApp

This MOD version has incomparable features of privacy, customization, multimedia files, security, safety via the lock App, and many more to use confidently.

Difference between Fouad MOD & Official WhatsApp

Due to the differences in the features of both Apps, people are migrating to MOD versions of WhatsApp. Official WhatsApp has limited features for Android users. Compared to that, Fouad WhatsApp has a great variety of unbeatable characteristics, so users will prefer this MOD App. Anti-ban, Anti-Revoke functions, disabled, forwarded tags, and a lock App is unique features unavailable in official WhatsApp.

Highlights of Fouad’s WhatsApp

  • Blue Ticks & Double Ticks disable
  • DND feature availability (Don’t Disturb)
  • Back up feature available
  • Pretty good new look
  • Easy-to-use mode
  • Set and customize profile picture with section style
  • Send all types of files, especially PDF files, for business purposes
  • Message anyone without saving a number
  • Sharing of high-quality large sized images
  • Voice notes customization with shading
  • Variety of Emojis of every emotion
  • Message scheduler, not to miss important messages
  • Call blocker feature about picking up the call or not.

Anti-ban Function

Anti-ban mechanism provides you a facility to maintain your accounts without any difficulty to ban or restrict from the system. Fouad WhatsApp has attempted to maintain your account from being officially outlawed. Now you can work without being banned at this MOD version of WhatsApp.

Anti-Revoke Messages & Status

Anti-ban mechanism allows you to maintain your accounts without difficulty banning or restricting from the system. Fouad WhatsApp has attempted to keep your account from being officially outlawed. Now you can work without being banned at this MOD version of WhatsApp.

HD Images & Videos

Fouad WhatsApp can send your images & videos to your contacts with their original high quality without decreasing the rate. Official WhatsApp reduces the quality of media files and images when shared. And you can send large files of 1GB at a time with this MOD version. You can send ten pictures at a time with high-quality media files.

Fouad WhatsApp

Tons of Themes & Customized Stickers Pack

With this MOD version of Fouad WhatsApp, you can use a lot of excellent themes in your different settings for a pretty good appearance on screen. You can enjoy its awesome theme collection for the formation of the interface. Fouad WhatsApp also updates its sticker packs to show your feelings to your loved ones at different events. You can also download many stickers from the play store and use them without facing any hurdles. Make a fabulous look at your chats.

Disappear Media from Device Gallery

You can hide and disappear your media files to show in your mobile gallery. This way, your confidential or personal data will be safe in your account without saving it in your phone gallery. 

Shading Feature

Shading is a fantastic feature of Fouad WhatsApp. You can see line shading between visits on the home screen. Underline the shading by choosing a tab. Shading can change a date, and the pending message dims your screen. Shading can be used for report content on the visit screen also. 

Preview of changes

When you make changes regarding colors, shading, or any other, you can get a preview to see the look on the main screen. You can edit your changes before finalizing anything on this MOD version.  

Remove Forwarded Tags

Forwarding messages to your contacts will show on the statement with the forwarded tag. It will be embracing for you sometime. You can pick the foundation shading from your message, and it will remove the forwarded label. This feature will satisfy you by sending your messages to some special ones.

Multiple Languages

Fouad WhatsApp has some other languages to facilitate its users to use their native languages, Such as an Azerbaijani can use his native language to chat with his friends.  If you are from UAE countries, the Arabic language is easy to use with this MOD version. 

Two Accounts on a Single Phone

With this Fouad WhatsApp feature, you can make two accounts and operate them efficiently for your social media services. 

Final Thought

With the great features of this MOD version, you will enjoy Fouad WhatsApp a lot. Just download it and work smoothly with its beautiful features.


How do I download Fouad WhatsApp?

Search Fouad WhatsApp on your browser and clicks the Download button.

Who created Fouad WhatsApp?

A third-party developer named "Fouad Mokdad" created Fouad WhatsApp.

Is it safe to use Fouad WhatsApp?

This app gives full encrypted features to chat, so it is safe to use this mode.

How do I update Fouad’s WhatsApp?

You can update the latest version by visiting our website.