GB iOS X Apk – Download New Version


If you are an android user and want to relish a Whatsapp interface that resembles Whatsapp for iOS. We have a piece of good news for you. Third-party developers have devised a modded version of the communique application that is similar to what you want.

Information Details
App Name GB iOS X
Developer Unknown
Operating System iOS
Category Utility
Version Not specified
Size Not specified
Compatibility Requires iOS 9.0 or later
Languages Multiple languages
Price Free
In-app purchases None
Rating Not rated yet

GB iOS X is a name that suggests iPhone users might only use this app. However, unlike its name, it can only be used by android customers. Regarding formation and fundamental structure, GB iOS X is like any other modified form of Whatsapp. However, when you dig deeper, you will find this variant is much more remarkable than others.

It is a mixture of three kinds of attributes:

  • The standard ones that the regular Whatsapp version also gives. For example, calling and messaging.
  • The features that are common in all modified formats but cannot be found in the standard version. For example, downloading someone else’s status or story.
  • The unique ones that only GB iOS X provides to android users. For example, sending or receiving money.

Hence, it will not be wrong to say that GB iOS X is more practical and impressive than its competitors.

Characteristics of GB iOS X

As mentioned earlier, GB iOS X combines various outstanding features. It exceeds all the expectations of Whatsapp users and offers fun factors that no other format can. 

From proffering an interface similar to iPhone Whatsapp to sending or receiving 90 pixels, there is no limit to GB iOS X. That is why more and more people prefer this excellent communication app. 

Imagined, crafted, developed, and published by the legendary developer Stefano YG, this app is getting very popular. Notably, the same developer has given us other Whatsapp mods like Fouad Whatsapp.

So, without delaying further, let’s discuss some unique features of GB iOS X.


  • Payment Method 

A unique property of GB iOS X is that it offers an alternative payment method. Utilizing this matchless method, you can send or receive payments. It allows you to send money to your friends, family, colleagues, and subordinates. This is also a secure and reliable way of sharing money. 

  • Anti-Delete System 

Like other modded versions of the regular Whatsapp format, GB iOS X also comes with an anti-delete system. This mechanism allows users to see the erased content. Hence, you will have the upper hand the next time someone deletes something shortly after sending it to you. 

  • Send or Receive High-Quality Images 

People often complain when they send high-quality images via the regular format, as it distorts pixels. The same is the case with some of the modified forms of Whatsapp. Therefore, if you want to share an HD photo, you must use GB iOS X. It allows you to send or receive heavy images while keeping them in their original shape.

  • Change the Interface 

Changing the Whatsapp interface was not possible in the past, and it is still impossible if you use the standard version. It is because Whatsapp developers seem stuck with the same old-fashioned green theme and interface style. However, GB iOS X also gives you much freedom in this regard. It allows users to change interface style, color, lining, and even font style.

  • Share More Photos Simultaneously 

Sharing more than 30 photos in a single term is impossible using the regular version. That is why if you need to send more than 30 pics, you will have to go through the same procedure repeatedly. It is not the case with GB iOS X, as this outstanding application lets you share more than 30 photos simultaneously.

  • Hide Private Conversation 

We use Whatsapp for various purposes. Sometimes it is used for chatting or calling only, while other times, it is used for a more practical reason. In both cases, some conversations are private. Therefore, GB iOS X offers a fantastic feature to hide your private chats. 

  • Copy and Download Statuses 

Status or story is a way of expressing your feelings or showing people something you like. Most of the time, you see someone’s story you want to save, but Whatsapp does not allow you. Hence, you need GB iOS X. This amazing app lets you save or copy anyone’s status.


Is GB iOS X secure to use?

Yes, GB iOS X is one hundred percent secure to use.

Is GB WhatsApp available for iOS?

Yes, GB Whatsapp is available for iOS.

How to download GB iOS X?

You can download GB iOS X from our site using its APK file.

Is GB iOS X legal?

Yes, GB iOS X is legal to use.

Is GB iOS X free?

Yes, GB iOS X is free of cost.