The world is evolving at a fast pace, and so does technology. Thousands of applications have made communication quick and feasible. However, among all of them, Whatsapp has its own charm. The introduction of this remarkable application in January 2009 took the world by storm.

Soon, everyone was using this software to stay in touch with their beloved ones. It made messaging, calling, and video chatting a piece of cake. However, after some years, people began to realize there was a void to be filled. Whatsapp’s standard version felt like a boundary.

Information Description
Name GB Plus
Purpose Alternative version of Whatsapp
Features Custom themes, increased media sharing limits, larger file sending, privacy settings
Compatibility Android
Security Not on Play Store, potential security risks
Popularity Popular for added features
Legal status Unofficial

People wanted more. However, the owner of the popular application remained oblivious to their need. That is why some third-party developers came forward and introduced alternative forms of Whatsapp. One such variant is GB Plus. 

How is GB Plus Different?

GB Plus is an alternative version of Whatsapp. However, it has more distinctive and up-to-date features than the standard version. GB Plus is far better than Whatsapp in terms of freedom and pliability. 

Where does Whatsapp fail?

Why do people need a third-party application when the original version of an application is attainable? Because they feel the indigenous form does not proffer what they need. The same is the case with Whatsapp. Despite being the most widely used communique application, it has some flaws, as described below:

  • It allows the transmission of data under 16 MB only. You cannot send or receive videos, photos, or files weighing more than that. 
  • There is a privacy issue. You cannot hide your online availability from your contact. It shows your presence in several ways. 
  • You are bound with the same old green interface. There is no way you can alter it or personalize the display. 
  • There is a limitation regarding sending pictures at once. You cannot send or receive more than 30 photos at a time. 
  • You can also not send a message to more than five people spontaneously. 

These and some other shortcomings of the standard Whatsapp version compelled people to go for GB Plus. 

Where does GB Plus succeed? 

The success of GB Plus lies in the failure of the standard version. GB Plus proffers features that Whatsapp cannot provide. This stunning application has everything a customer needs. You can say that with GB Plus, you will be the master of your application. It is not possible when using the typical version.  

From extending sender limit to maximizing file size limits, here are astounding and winning elements of GB Plus:

  1. No Limitation Regarding the Size of the File 

There is no limitation regarding the size of the data being sent. With this special variant, you can send files, photos, and videos exceeding 16 MB. 

  1. Provides More Privacy Than Whatsapp 

The top-notch alternative provides more privacy. It enhances your experience by hiding factors like online status, double tick, blue tick, and anything else that might show your presence. 


  1. Offers Personalization of Display 

Your display will be in your control. Whatever color you want, whatever theme you desire. No more years-old green interface will bore you. GB Plus proffers much flexibility regarding the personalization of the display.

Features Description
Custom Themes Customize the look and feel of the app with pre-made or custom themes.
Increased Media Sharing Limits Share more photos and videos, and send larger files.
Privacy Settings Hide online status, blue ticks, read receipts, and lock the app with a password or fingerprint.
Message Scheduler Schedule messages to be sent at specific times and dates.
Anti-Revoke Prevent other users from revoking messages they have sent to you.
DND Mode Disable all incoming messages and notifications for a set period of time.
  1. Send More Pictures At Once 

We have mentioned earlier that the customary Whatsapp version allows sending only 30 pictures simultaneously. However, it is not the case with GB Plus. Now you can send as many photos as possible using this appreciable variant. 

  1. Send Messages to More People

Whatsapp does not allow you to send messages to more than five people at a time. This can be annoying when you need to send the same content to multiple contacts. However, if you have our adored alternative, you will not face the problem anymore. 

  1. Block Unwanted Calls 

Calls from unknown numbers and undesired persons are maddening. However, you can do nothing about them while utilizing standard Whatsapp. On the other hand, GB Plus excels in this regard as well. It comes with a built-in Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, which helps you block strangers and unwanted people.