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GB WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. It has the ability to hide your messages and status, so that they will not be seen by anyone except you. This app also supports large files and high-definition videos, which can be viewed on any device with GB WhatsApp installed.

App Name GBWhatsapp
Version Latest Version
Size 49.7 MB
Software Category Android App
Requirement Android 5.1+
Root Requirement Non Root
Last Update 2023-25-01
Total Downloads 7,017,055
RATING 3.3 ( 1996687 ratings )

You might not remember the days when there was a significant distance between people. They could not communicate for days due to the unavailability of the latest technologies. Their only means to interconnect was by sending a letter. That, too, reached the destination after days. 

Then came the technology and carried with it, applications like Whatsapp. Whatsapp made communiqué feasible, quick, and enchanting. Its outstanding features brought revolution. 

However, nothing seems to satisfy the unfillable void of human desires. Soon, they began to develop discomfort towards the original version. The customer wanted more. This desire led to the creation of GB Whatsapp. This application fills the void.

Difference between GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp:

Both have the same story as far as communication is concerned. You can send messages promptly and make audio and video calls smoothly. However, GBWhatsapp proffers some additional elements to the customers. 

It provides you with the following extras:

  1. You have the facility to contrive two Whatsapp accounts at the same time.
  2. The sender will never know whether you are online because you can hide the ticks with GB Whatsapp. 
  3. You can also generate a reply in your absence with the autoreply option. 
  4. With this mod, you can download Whatsapp statuses and upload long videos. 
  5. There are more enthralling and captivating features that make GB Whatsapp distinctive. 

The original Whatsapp version does not proffer all the above features. You can avail of these elements only by installing GBWhatsapp. 

Distinctions of GB Whatsapp:

As mentioned in the above paragraph, our adored form of the appreciated communication app comes with numerous exciting factors. These factors are actually distinctions of GB Whatsapp. 

gb whatsapp download

You can now relish all the requirements the original version could not provide. Following are the exciting features of GB Whatsapp. 

  1. Hide Yourself

What was the most annoying issue with the original version? Most would say there was no privacy. If someone wanted to enjoy the internet without anyone getting to know your availability, you could not do so. If you desired to hide your presence from someone, it was not possible. 

However, GB Whatsapp has made the hiddenness possible. Using the apk version, you can now camouflage. It means the tick will not be visible to the sender, or the caller will not know you are online. 

  1. Scheduled Messages

Sometimes people want to send messages at a particular time. However, there are some prime hurdles:

  • They might forget to do so.
  • The timeline is not unmatchable.
  • Unavailability of connection somewhere. 
  • They are en route. 

The consequences might be dire. However, GB Whatsapp provides you with a fantastic facility to send scheduled messages. Now you can write the content and program it to be sent at a specific time to specific contacts. 

  1. Send Large Data

Another issue with the original version was the limitation of sending data. People were only able to send files, photos, audio, and videos up to 16 MB. Frankly speaking, Whatsapp ultimately failed at it. What is the purpose of imposing such restrictions? 

Nonetheless, worry not. GB Whatsapp has solved the problem. You can now transfer extensive data as well. There are no restrictions. 

  1. Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp status was a unique and popular feature introduced by the owners. Using the option, you can make people watch specific content you love. However, with the standard version, you can do nothing more than upload the status. 

GB Whatsapp gives you unlimited freedom regarding your status. You can do plenty of things with this feature, for example: 

  • You can blackout unwanted contacts from seeing your status. 
  • You can download others’ statuses that you love.
  • The downloaded content can feasibly be uploaded.
  • You can relish people’s statuses even after 24 hours. 
  • You can also upload long statuses of more than 16 MB and up to 50 MB. 

All the above facilities were not offered by the standard Whatsapp version. 

  1. Customization of Theme

The usual Whatsapp version does not allow its customer to mess with the theme. You have only one built-in display, and you are stuck with it for a lifetime. There is nothing you can do about it. 

However, GB Whatsapp also proffers the flexibility of customizing and tailoring your themes.


Can I use this app to make my videos?

Yes, you can. You can record your voice and add text to it.

Is there any way to get an alternative version of this app?

Yes, there are many alternatives available on the internet that you can use to download GB WhatsApp mod apk from them.

Can I transfer my contacts to GB WhatsApp?

Yes, you can transfer your contacts from any other application, like an SMS app or Facebook Messenger, etc.

Can GB WhatsApp see hidden status?

Yes, you can view all the hidden and unread messages on your GB WhatsApp.

Can GB WhatsApp see deleted messages?

Yes, GB WhatsApp can retrieve deleted messages from your phone.