GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp

I am here with a new version of private WhatsApp that is GB WhatsApp. Unlimited features like hide last seen, hide typing and hide the recording are available on this WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is the mode used WhatsApp according to the latest research. Let’s Learn about the latest features of GB WhatsApp.

General Information GB WhatsApp
Founding Created by independent developers as a modified version of original Whatsapp
Platforms Supported Android
Number of Users Unknown
Revenue Model Freemium
Security and Privacy Less secure
Legal Implications Violates TOS, can result in bans and legal action.

Hide features

On GB WhatsApp, you can hide the following features of the official WhatsApp. 

  • Hide typing

On simple WhatsApp, you will see that the word typing is written on the top screen while the sender is typing a message. But on GB WhatsApp, you can hide the typing, and the receiver cannot see that you are ordering a message to send to it.

  • Hide Recording

On GB WhatsApp, you can hide the recording. The receiver will not be informed that you are audio recordings to send to it. But this feature is absent in simple WhatsApp. 

  • Hide last seen

On the simple WhatsApp you will see that the last seen is shown on the simple WhatsApp. But you can hide the last seen in the GB WhatsApp. Your friend cannot see the previous scene when you will turn on this feature on the GB WhatsApp.

See deleted messages

On GB WhatsApp, you can see the deleted messages. The deleted messages for everyone are not deleted for you; you can see them after the sender deletes them. These features are unavailable on simple WhatsApp. 

See deleted status updates

On GB WhatsApp, you can see the deleted WhatsApp updates. It means that the status updates deleted for everyone are kept for you. When the updater deletes the status update, it will appear to you as it was before deletion.

GB Whatsapp

Customized themes

Unlimited customized themes are available on the GB WhatsApp. You can change the chat theme by going to the theme store. Articles are available there in the un-downloaded form. Download them and use them as your chat theme. The pieces are categorized as follows 

  • Bird themes 
  • Flower themes
  • Car themes
  • Natural themes 

Related Features

  • On GB WhatsApp, you can disable the forward tag. Forward the messages without any bold tag 
  • See the letters that are deleted for everyone. Deleted messages are not deleted for you.
  • Auto reply option is also available on the GB WhatsApp
  • Increase the image share limit and share unlimited images. The maximum image share limit is 100 at one time
  • On GB WhatsApp, you can also increase the forward limit. Forward the messages to more than five receivers. The maximum share limit is 250. It means that you can send the same message to 250 chapters at the same time.
  • A security lock is also available on the GB WhatsApp. Using the security lock, you can find private things on WhatsApp. 
  • Personalize the calling and allow only your well-wishers to call you. You have to add the contacts in the contact list there, and only those who can call you that are being added.

About GB WhatsApp

  • The full name of this app is GB WhatsApp
  • You can use this app on the android devices 
  • The android requirements for this WhatsApp is Android 4.4+
  • The size of its app is 71MB
  • The app was lastly updated about one mint ago 


GB WhatsApp is the best version of WhatsApp, where you can enjoy unlimited features like chatting, hiding, sending long videos, and many more. In addition, you can see the status updates that are deleted after the update. You must go to the home screen to add your name to the front screen. In addition to this, you can share more than ten images at the same time. Message can be forwarded without any forward tag. In short, you can get all those unavailable features on simple WhatsApp.


How to unhide chat in GB WhatsApp?

To unhide the chat in GB WhatsApp, you have to click on the three dots that appear on the screen. After this, you will see the drop-down menu and select 'unhide chat' from the menu to reappear the chat on the main net.

How to use GB WhatsApp?

To use the GB WhatsApp, you have to get it from the link on this page. After reaching, enter it and enjoy all the features like hide last seen, hide typing, hide recording, see deleted messages, and many more like it.

How to hack GB Whatsapp?

To hack, you have to install it and reach the server.

How to GB WhatsApp update?

To update GB WhatsApp, go to the setting and click on the update button.