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Geek Whatsapp

Do not be deceived by the name. Geek Whatsapp is not actually a geek but a fun, cool, and unique Whatsapp variant. It is one of many Whatsapp mods people use to get more features.

Although Whatsapp can comply with our fundamental needs of communication, for example:

  • We can still make or attend calls using the standard version.
  • We can still send and receive messages through Whatsapp.

However, today’s world demands more than just calling and messaging. The advancement of technology has reached the point where people of all age groups require a high level of independence. They do not want to be bound by the developers regarding some aspects. 

Geek Whatsapp Description
Platform Mobile Messaging App
Availability iOS, Android
Price Free
Developer Geek Inc.
Release Date 2018
Features Text and multimedia messaging, voice and video calls, end-to-end encryption, group chats, status updates, location sharing, voice messages, file sharing, and more.

For example, regular Whatsapp limits the size of data sent or received. It is not a convenient feature in today’s fast-paced world, where everyone tries to share long videos and HD pics instantly.

The likes of Geek Whatsapp can only fulfill this need. That is why in today’s article, we will discuss some astonishing, captivating, and fascinating elements of Geek Whatsapp.

Reasons to Download Geek Whatsapp

So, the first question that might pop up in your mind is why you should download this Whatsapp variant. The reasons are many, but we will tell you some most distinctive features of our adored application. These fun factors will be the answer to your question. 

However, before proceeding further, allow us to ask you a few questions:

  1. Does the standard Whatsapp version give you freedom?
  2. Does it allow you to change the interface?
  3. Do you feel free to alter the same dull green theme of the regular format?
  4. Have you ever tried sending videos or photos of more than 16 MB using the standard version?
  5. Can you use Whatsapp or another application and still not be caught by your contacts?

There are more questions. However, we will stick to the above ones only. Your answer to all the above questions must be a big no. It is because Whatsapp gives us less freedom. From the minute we download and install this application, it starts imposing several limitations on us. 


That is why the world needs a more flexible communique app that does not stop them from anything. An application that makes them feel independent regarding:

  • Customization
  • Personalization 
  • Data Sharing 
  • Hiding online availability
  • Masking “writing” or “recording” statuses

Geek Whatsapp provides all the above facilities. You will relish the following astounding elements of this excellent communication application.

  • Personalization of the Interface 

Personalization means you want to bring changes in something per your wish. Whatsapp personalization was a dream a few years back. No one could imagine that they would be able to change the following things in the application:

  • Themes
  • Chat-box design 
  • Font style
  • Font size  
  • Icon style
  • Interface color 

However, with the introduction of Whatsapp modded forms, all the above things have become possible. For example, with Geek Whatsapp, you can avail yourself of all the above features.

  • Sending Heavy Data

Another shortcoming of the standard Whatsapp version is it keeps customers from sharing heavy data. You are able to send a picture, video, or file less than or up to 16 MB only.

However, it is not the case with Geek Whatsapp. It exceeds the standard limit of 16 MB and extends it up to 70 MB. It means you can now share moderately long videos and documents. You can also send or receive HD pics using Geek Whatsapp.

  • Mask Online Availability 

If you are more of a private person or want to spend some time privately, use Geek Whatsapp. It is because the standard Whatsapp application does not give much attention to the privacy of its customers.

Meaning that you cannot relish other apps and Whatsapp at once. Otherwise, it will promptly give your contacts several signs telling them you are available. On the other hand, Geek Whatsapp hides all these signs. For example, it will not show the double blue tick even if you have seen someone’s message. 


What is Geek Whatsapp?

Geek Whatsapp is a modified form of the original Whatsapp version. It offers more features.

How to download Geek Whatsapp?

You can download the Geek Whatsapp APK file from our website.

Q. Is Geek Whatsapp safe?

Yes, Geek Whatsapp is a one hundred percent safe application.

Is Geek Whatsapp legal?

Yes, Geek Whatsapp is legal to use.