GIO WhatsApp

GIO WhatsApp

GIO WhatsApp is another modified version of official WhatsApp (the world’s best and easiest texting App) with beautiful features, available for Android & iPhone devices. It is one of the top alternatives to WhatsApp’s official version. GIO WhatsApp APK 2023 shows the hidden features. You can use its wonderful features for different purposes, such as privacy, sharing confidential data, restoring backups, removing forwarded tags, unlimited themes, and especially its App lock system.

Information Description
Name GIO WhatsApp
Purpose Modified version of WhatsApp with extra features
Developer GIO Mods
Compatibility Android
Latest Version 9.2
Features Customization, privacy settings, larger files, anti-ban
Availability Third-party sites only
Risks Security concerns, potential errors

Comparison with Official WhatsApp

Official WhatsApp has minimal features to use. There are many restrictions in the original version of WhatsApp. You need to be fully supported by the App for your multi-tasks. But GIO WhatsApp has many prominent and regularly updated features for its users. The MOD is regularly updated for its customer’s convenience. You can use its latest elements and capabilities for chatting and data sharing. GIO WhatsApp has the same features as WhatsApp Plus, but GIO WhatsApp has more significant functions.

Advanced Features

This MOD version has the most advanced features for its users, such as;

Privacy & Security Configuration

Privacy is the main feature of GIO WhatsApp. You can use this MOD version with its safe & secure features. Make your privacy in your hands. Customize it as per your preferences. You can use its privacy features regarding blue tick, double tick, hiding online status & profile picture, and many more. 

Restoration of Backups

It supports you with its backup restoration feature for your necessary data. You can restore and save your data like; calls, chats, photos, and other files.

Call Recorder

A beneficial feature of GIO WhatsApp is its recording system for audio or video calls. You need no extra App for the recording purpose. You can customize and set your recording features for automatic or manual modes. 

Status Saver

Status Saver is another supported feature; you need no additional app for Status saving. It can work for your status saving for images or videos from your contacts.

Themes Pack & Stickers

There are unique themes in this GIO WhatsApp for your screen. You can use its outstanding collection of themes & stickers for different tasks. Using the appropriate theme, your screen appearance can be shown as more elegant and pretty. There are various ways to change your interface and animation speed. You can slow down or speed up your animated characters. Even you can draw and design your animations using great theme settings.

Fonts & Styles

Many stylish fonts are available here to set or customize on your screen setting. You can stylize your font size, color, and appearance for different locations. You have a function to make them transparent on you screen.

GIO WhatsApp

Scheduled Messages

You can schedule important messages to send automatically on fixed dates. With this great feature, you will always complete all essential tasks in your busy routine. 

Customize Interface

GIO WhatsApp allows you to customize your Interface as you want. You can change everything for the Interface, like; font type, style, color, and size, to look great on the screen. It can make your appearance on WhatsApp highly attractive.

Remove Forwarded Icon

The forwarded icon may irritate you sometimes while delivering a message to any particular person. With this version, you can remove the forwarded icon from your messages to avoid awkward situations. 

Multi Locks

A great feature that GIO WhatsApp presents you is its lock App for your security. You can lock your data in three ways.

  • Fingerprint

You can set your lock with your fingerprints for your data.

  • Pin Lock

You can set the other way of locking, that is Pin lock.

  • Pattern Lock

You can set your pattern lock. Patterns can be either visible or invisible with vibration. You can also set your recovery questions for your account security.

Other Important Functions

  • Hide buttons
  • Avoid restrictions for accounts (Anti-ban)
  • Messages without saving numbers
  • Copy long messages only by long pressing
  • Enable more downloaded stickers to share
  • Conference calls are now possible here
  • New reply for post messages
  • Emojis are added more in setting
  • Remove the dialog box about App updates


GIO WhatsApp is a reliable and secure MOD version that fulfills all your needs. It has some quite different features from other MOD versions. It is slighter heavy in size than WhatsApp Plus. But the rests of its components are best in use. You can download it for security purposes.


What is GIO WhatsApp?

GIO WhatsApp is a Modified version of Official WhatsApp. A third-party developer creates it.

Is GIO WhatsApp Legal?

Yes, GIO WhatsApp is legal to use.

Is GIO WhatsApp Safe to use?

GIO WhatsApp use on any device is perfectly safe, and you can easily use it.

How to unhide chat in GIO WhatsApp?

click the three dots at the top of the screen, and select the hide option on the displayed menu. The app will ask you to set the pattern. You should set the pattern to hide your chat safely.