Hey Whatsapp

Hey Whatsapp

It is basic human psychology that they become tired of the same routine after a while. You will long for something new if you repeatedly see the same thing. The same statement stands true for Whatsapp. How can I change Whatsapp? If the same question arises in your mind, you must use the standard format. You might not have given the modded versions a try yet. Therefore, let’s break some exciting news for you, it is possible to change everything tiresome about the official application.

Information Description
Name Hey WhatsApp
Description Modified version of WhatsApp with additional features and customization options
Developer Independent developers
Compatibility Android
Features Larger file sending, online status hiding, read receipt disabling
Security Use trusted sources, may pose security risks
Availability Not on Google Play, download APK from third-party sources
Support No official support or updates, use developer community or online forums

All you have to do is to download Hey Whatsapp. This modified form of the regular version brings you everything. From changing the looks of the interface to font styles, you can avail yourself of many fun factors.

Distinctions of Hey Whatsapp

You might ask how Hey Whatsapp is different from Whatsapp. What attributes does it proffers that make it more desirable? You will be amazed to learn all the enthralling elements of Hey Whatsapp. 

Change the Looks

The most important thing to make your surroundings attractive is to change looks. You can even get bored with your home if you repeatedly use the same paint. But if you go for another color, it makes your walls renewed, and you feel happy. The digital world also works the same way. If you have been utilizing Whatsapp for years, you know that it does not let you change the green look. 

However, Hey Whatsapp gives you an opportunity to apply multiple themes and give your display a distinctive look. Its built-in store offers hundreds of beautiful themes, and you can choose any of them for free.

Alter Icon Style

You might know that the original version of any application does not permit you to alter the icon style. From Facebook to Whatsapp, all these apps come with one icon only. You will have to make your peace with that sign. Now you can go for the latest and most enchanting icons using Hey Whatsapp. Like themes, it also provides you with various icon styles to select from. Give your Whatsapp sign any look and any color you wish.

Hey Whatsapp

See Erased Content

Seeing deleted content on Whatsapp is everyone’s fantasy. We use the word “fantasy” because the regular format has a strict policy regarding deleted messages, photos, documents, or written notes. No matter how hard you want, you can never see what is being hidden from you.

What if we told you that you could relish erased content now? We assume you will be astonished to know that. It is not an exaggeration, and Hey Whatsapp allows you to restore deleted messages. So, whenever someone eliminates something soon after sending it, you will be one step ahead of them. 

Sending and Receiving Larger Data Files

Gone are the days when people used to send or receive pictures and files via the post office. You might not know, however, in the past, people used the service for this reason. Then came the internet, and soon after, the developers introduced Whatsapp. It made sending all the documents quick and straightforward.

However, there was still an issue, Whatsapp did not let send a data file of more than 16 MB. The opportunity is now provided by modded versions like Hey Whatsapp. It increases the limit to many MB, and you share a data file more extensive than sixteen MB.

Hiding the Forward Sign

When someone sends you something, and you forward it to another person, it shows the “forward” sign. This sign tells the receiver that you have not written or generated the file. Instead, it was taken from someone else’s chat box. Nonetheless, using Hey Whatsapp, you can now mask the forward sign. This way, no one will ever be able to learn whether you forwarded messages. This is an exciting feature that enables you to escape any embarrassment. 

Some Additional Features

The abovementioned features are not the only fun factors of Hey Whatsapp. It provides you with more elements, like:

  • You can set the desired ringtone.
  • You can alter notification icons.
  • You can apply the desired picture as background wallpaper.
  • It gives you enhanced privacy.
  • You can give the chat box any look you want.


What is Hey Whatsapp?

Hey Whatsapp is a modded version of Whatsapp that provides more fun factors.

How to download Hey Whatsapp?

You can download Hey Whatsapp by installing its APK file from our website.

How to update Hey Whatsapp?

You can update Hey Whatsapp by deleting the existing version and installing the updated format from our site.

How to hide online on Hey Whatsapp?

Click the three dots in the upper right corner and select the “hide online” option.

Is Hey Whatsapp safe?

Hey Whatsapp is safe to use.