HM Whatsapp


Dozens of Whatsapp mods have been introduced to date. All these mods offer what conventional format cannot give. These mods come with multiple cool features that people have always wanted. 

App Name HMWhatsApp
License Freeware
Current Version V7.0
OS Android
Ratings 4.3
File Size 40.3
Developer Hassan Moussa
Last Update 1 Day Ago

In the presence of several variants, it becomes hard to distinguish the most suitable one. However, users claim some variants are preferable to others. These alternatives provide one or more extras that others are unable to proffer. 

One such mod is HMWhatsapp. This mode type is trendy among users due to various remarkable elements. From protecting the customer from malware to providing them with a secure environment, there are many things about this mod that you will love. 

Vital Titbits  

HMWhatsapp was first introduced by the legendary developer Hassan Moussa. He put forward this astonishing variant, keeping the requirements of standard Whatsapp users in mind. 

All those necessary and fun elements the standard version lacks are available on HM Whatsapp. That is why this variant has earned several faithful customers. Once someone begins using this alternative, they cannot turn their heads. The following titbits are vital to know before downloading this variant:

  • HMWhatsapp is crafted explicitly for Android users.
  • Android requirement for HMWhatsapp is 5.0+
  • It is lightweight and takes only 40.3 MB of your cellular device space. 
  • The latest version of HMWhatsapp is V7.0. 
  • Its current rating is 4.4, which tells a lot about its excellent performance. 

Attributes of HMWhatsapp

After establishing the essential fundamental information about our adored variant, let’s discuss its attributes. This is the perfect modified version of Whatsapp that will enhance your experience. You will get the following astounding and captivating elements with this exceptional app:

  1. Reshape Interface 

Using HMWhatsapp, you can modify and beautify your Whatsapp display. Give any shape to the interface and get rid of the years-old greenery. You will adore all the themes and colors proffered by this variant. They will give your display a new and exciting form. 

  1. Share Larger Videos 

Receiving and sending limit for all kinds of files on standard Whatsapp is 16 MB. You are not able to share data more than that. However, if you need to send or receive a video that exceeds this limit, HMWhatsapp will help you. With this variant, you can share videos weighing more than 16 MB and up to 50 MB. 

HM Whatsapp

  1. Share High-Resolution Pictures 

When you receive or send pictures on the regular Whatsapp version, it drastically impacts resolution. The image does not remain the same, and its quality becomes poor. However, HMWhatsapp allows you to send heavy photos with no or minimal effect on their quality.

Feature Description
Reshape Interface Customize and beautify the WhatsApp interface with a variety of themes and colors
Share Larger Videos Share videos weighing up to 50 MB, exceeding the standard WhatsApp limit of 16 MB
High-Resolution Pictures Share heavy photos with no or minimal loss in quality
Mask Maddening Notifications Mute or hide notifications from specific contacts or groups
View Status While Remaining Hidden Watch someone’s status without showing that you viewed it
Save Statuses Save the statuses of your contacts and view them later
Scheduled Messaging Schedule messages to be sent to contacts at a specific time
Mask Your Online Presence Prevent others from knowing your online status or whether you have read their messages


  1. Mask Maddening Notifications 

Notifications sometimes become annoying and disturbing. They can hinder your personal time with other applications. Now you can share multiple images with high resolution and memory up to 70 MB. 

  1. View Status While Remaining Hidden

When you see someone’s status on the standard version, they promptly know it. However, sometimes you want to avoid getting known. This can be done utilizing HMWhatsapp. You can now watch your contact’s statuses without showing them that you did. 

  1. Save Statuses 

The most astounding element of our adored version is you can now save statuses. If you like someone’s story while watching it, there is no more longing. You can quickly save the statuses and relish them any way you want. 

  1. Scheduled Messaging 

Another fun element of this astonishing application is you can now send content timely. There will be no more alertness or forgetfulness. You only need to schedule a message and contact to whom you want to send it.

  1. Mask Your Online Presence 

We owe a lot to this application regarding all of its cool features. With another astounding element, you can now mask your online presence. No one will know if you are available or not. No one will know if you have seen their messages or not. HMWhatsapp will never show a double tick, blue tick, or any other factor that can reveal your online presence.


What is HMWhatsapp?

HMWhatsapp is an excellent variant of the standard Whatsapp version. It offers several outstanding features that the regular version cannot.

How to download HMWhatsapp?

You can install HMWhatsapp by downloading its APK File from our website.

How to update HMWhatsapp?

To update HMWhatsapp, you need to delete the older version and download an APK File of the latest version from our website.

Is HMWhatsapp safe to use?

HMWhatsapp is safe to use when installed from a trusted source.