How To Unhide Chat in GBWhatsapp

How To Unhide Chat in GBWhatsapp

Gb Whatsapp is the latest and improved Whatsapp version which contains many advanced features. These features have attracted a huge audience towards itself. From many of its advanced and thrilling features Hide and Unhide Chat is the most loved and interesting feature. Because there are many users who want to keep some of their chats private so that others cannot reach them. This is possible in GB Whatsapp by hiding the desired chat. 

To unhide your chats from GB Whatsapp you must have the GB Whatsapp latest version and then first hide the chat, then you will be able to Unhide it. For this follow the given instructions. 

We are providing you with step-by-step instructions so that you can perform this act conveniently. First, hide the chat then you can unhide it.

  • Open GB Whatsapp on your phone

  • Select the chat you want to hide

  • Then select the Chat that you want to hide
  • After that select three dots on the right corner
  • Then tap on select hide chat

  • After selecting the hide option WhatsApp will ask you to set up a security 
  • Select a pattern, pin, or fingerprint lock you want to set up.
  • The security or hide chat is available on the left top of your WhatsApp

  • After this, your chat will be present in the  Hidden list.

How to Hide and Unhide groups in GB Whatsapp?

Gb Whatsapp is a well-known source of communication, with many features. And in this type of WhatsApp, you can hide chats and groups as well. For this, the hiding procedure will be the same as mentioned for hiding your chats. But here is detailed information for hiding your private groups.

  • To hide  a group you must be a member of any group
  • So create or join any group 
  • Select the group you want to hide
  • Click on the eye sign shown at the top of your WhatsApp screen
  • Click on the hiding option and your group will be added to the hidden list.

To Unhide Group in GB WhatsApp

You can also unhide your groups from the hidden list.

  • Go to the hidden chats by clicking on the WhatsApp written on the left of your WhatsApp
  • Select the group you want to unhide from this list
  • Tap on the unhide bar 
  • Use your fingerprint or security check
  • And your chat will be unhidden from the hide list.

This is how your groups will appear on your Whatsapp screen and you can maintain and chat in your groups and chats as usual. Moreover, if you want to keep everything private and no anyone else should get a glimpse of your hidden chats then mute the notifications and calls also. This will help you to keep your chats and groups secure ever.

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