How to use GB WhatsApp?

How to use GB WhatsApp?

Do you want to know how to use Gb Whatsapp? You can learn below with the help of a screenshot of his mobile phone with each special mention. If interested in gb whatsapp learning please come with me I will tell you one by one all the exciting features using the method. It has unlimited features. Most people used this for communication with friends all over the world. This provides impressive features even the original features does not provide, easily whatsapp status saver features option, Lite messenger, if any friends send you a message for any work but after a few second remove this message but this application save a deleted message in the chat recover option, text style change and easy to make a story, status in this application. 

Save Friend’s Whatsapp Status:

Allow you to create your own status with the facility of saving friends’ status, if you need to any friend’s status saving just open this application and the third option is status saver click and watch friends’ status in a few seconds after watching this required status save in your mobile phone gallery and save in this application, provide you saving videos, images, and also a separate features for recovery chat messages, but after downloading in our site this application because most people used its latest version in this time latest version provide new features so that used its latest version in android devices. 

Exciting Features of GB WhatsApp

  • It provides a separate option for status saving
  • Offers a chat hide option with app hider features
  • Allow saving friends & local deleted messages
  • Do Not show your online option to friends in front
  • After reading the message don’t show double and blue ticks
  • Easily change unlimited themes and wallpaper with custom size
  • Three plus contact numbers were added to the original WhatsApp 
  • For status, making offers a video splitter option for video editing
  • With this application, you easily recovered audio & video calls
  • In mobile display added application and friends numbers shortcut
  • Without an open application chat with friends using just shortcut app features

Save The Delete Messages

Allow you to save deleted messages from friends who send messages and delete them immediately for some reason. That is the main reason for using gb whatsapp mostly used for chatting and another communication way unlimited but people used this because it’s provided extra impressive features, the delete application you can recover smoothly, chat recovery features, lite messengers, status saver, easy chate hide to other friends if you want to make a video for whatsapp status.

Change Text Style (300+ Fonts)

This application provides you with a separate feature for status purpose, just open it and show different option you click the sixth number option video splitter in this features you recorded any type of video with the mobile camera but its length high you want to split, do not need to other application downloading from play store and another platform, the gb whatsapp give you offers videos splitting, in any video, you added intro and outro with this features. Most users who use this feature for status-making do not use other video editor applications because it’s very simple and offers unlimited features for video status creation. 

GB WhatsApp Setting

Easy to change this application setting quickly right side top corner three dots show new groups, new broadcasts, link devices, and starred messages, and the latest option is setting but you need a setting option press this button then you easily change profitable pictures, enable notification in the first option in any problem you can change the number and active two-step verification, first give phone number then require an emails verification code after this your verification security strong no anyone hacked your accounts in any situations. 

Security Notification: Two Step verification enable, Change phone number, Enable Fingerprint lock, Block content option, Default messages times minimum one second, read receipts and application languages.

Accounts & Privacy: In this option, you WhatsApp last seen and online hide everyone, second my contacts, the third option’s my contact except even you can apply to nobody, so that after choosing the last option nobody then don’t show your last seen in any friends front. In the account option, you enable and disable the security notification, active two-step verification, change number, request accounts information, and delete my account with these accounts features. 

Chats Setting: after opening the chats features easily change themes, wallpaper, and enter key will is sending your messages, give media visibility, even change the font size means text size easily changes, archive chats will not remain archived when you receive new messages, easily chat backup and chats recovery possible. 


In this article, we describe the using method of gb whatsapp and its all impressive features, because to date there have been 10+ Million people used on android devices for communication used in the overall world. If you want to learn, reading till the end of this article is more beneficial for you because we in-depth explain all features. 


How to use a video splitter in GB WhatsApp?

Mostly used for status video splitting first click this feature then import a video from the gallery, after importing set a video intro and outro, and set video length with one finger dragged.

Is GB WhatsApp Safe?

Yes, Gb WhatsApp is completely safe for using communication on android devices so ten million people use smartphones.

What are the benefits of gb WhatsApp?

The gb whatsapp has immense benefits, Status saving, Chate Recovery, Hide Last Seen, Video Splitter, Saving deleted messages, and there are many more.

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