KA Whatsapp

KA Whatsapp

Whatsapp alternates have been very popular in recent years. These modded versions are desirable due to the variety of features they offer. You cannot get those fun factors from the standard version of Whatsapp.

Information Description
Name KA Whatsapp
Developer Karam Lord
Latest Version v2.50
Features Customizable themes, anti-ban, message scheduling, anti-delete messages, and more.
Availability Not on official app stores. Download from third-party websites.
Popularity Popular for customization and privacy.
Risks Using third-party apps can pose security risks and may violate official app terms.

For example, if you want to increase the limit of shared MB or the number of pictures, you will go for variants. As Whatsapp does not let you:

  • Send or receive more data files of more than 16 MB.
  • Share more than 30 pictures.

KA Whatsapp is one of the many modified forms of Whatsapp. It provides all the elements that modern users require. 

Vital Information about KA Whatsapp

KA Whatsapp is a modded version of Whatsapp. It was crafted and published to enhance users’ experience as you can relish dozens of enchanting elements. However, before downloading and installing the application, you should learn some vital titbits about KA Whatsapp.

This information will help you use the particular variant accordingly. Look at the following points to know more about this stunning alternate:

  • Famed developers created KA Whatsapp to increase customers’ experience.
  • It belongs to the app genre called Whatsapp Mods.
  • It is free of charge, and you will not have to pay to avail of the services.
  • It is a lightweight application that takes only 56 MB of your cellular phone’s memory.
  • It supports multiple languages. For example, you can use KA Whatsapp in Arabic, Hindi, or Urdu.
  • An Android user with an operating system up to or above 4.5 can use KA Whatsapp.
  • Its latest version was released in 2023. You can download the updated format from our website.
  • This modded version contains additional fun factors.
  • It has variable compatibility with different devices.
  • It can work on Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.
  • No root is required for the functionality of the application.
  • It has been downloaded millions of times and earned thousands of positive reviews. 
  • The cumulative rating of this stunning application on different websites is more than 4.5 stars. 

You must have got an idea about the application under discussion. Now, to make your view more precise, let’s have a look at the following features.

Hallmarks of KA Whatsapp

KA Whatsapp is preferable to the standard version and more desirable than other modded formats. This outstanding application provides unique elements and a high level of privacy. People love this engaging variant because it offers them all the fun factors they ever wanted.

After downloading and installing the application, you will see why KA Whatsapp is popular. You will find the following fun factors in our adored application:

Chat With Unsaved Numbers

Using the standard version, you cannot send messages to or call an unsaved number. On the other hand, KA Whatsapp provides you with an option to chat with an unsaved number, this way; you will not have to save a number before chatting with a person.

Share More and HD Pictures

Whatsapp imposes the following boundaries when it comes to sharing pictures:

  • It does not permit you to send a picture of more than 16 MB
  • It does not allow you to send more than 30 photos at once.
  • It reduces a picture’s quality. Hence, you cannot send an HD photo.

KA Whatsapp

The above points permanently ruin a user’s experience. At the same time, if you use KA Whatsapp, it lets you pass the above hurdles. For example:

  • You can send a 90 MB picture.
  • You can send more than 30 photos at a time.
  • You can share an HD image without worrying about the quality.

Send an Extensive Video

Like pictures, Whatsapp also limits video sharing ability. For example, you are unable to send or receive a video of more than 16 MB. It means if you have a higher-quality video, you cannot share it. 

Worry not, though, as you have KA Whatsapp that eliminates this glitch. Now, you can even share a 720P video.

Personalize Display

Whatsapp interface personalization is an opportunity that almost all the variants provide. It is because users do not want the same green theme in the modded formats. 

That’s why you can get hundreds of beautiful themes with KA Whatsapp. It gives you the themes free of charge, and you can change the display anytime. Furthermore, you will also be able to:

  • Change the Whatsapp icon.
  • Alter font styles.
  • Replace the background wallpaper.

Auto Reply

Have you ever experienced a time when you had to reply to an important message but could not do so due to any issue? That is a common problem when you use the standard version. 

However, KA Whatsapp offers an Auto Reply facility to help you set a note beforehand. The next time, it will automatically send a reply to any number.


Does KA Whatsapp work on iPhone?

Yes, KA Whatsapp works on iPhone.

How to uninstall KA Whatsapp?

Long press the Whatsapp icon and click on the “Uninstall” option.

How to download KA Whatsapp?

You can download KA Whatsapp by installing its APK file from our website.

Is KA Whatsapp safe?

Yes, KA Whatsapp is safe.

Is KA Whatsapp banned?

No, KA Whatsapp is not banned.