NM WhatsApp

NM WhatsApp

Are you searching for the finest version of WhatsApp with aesthetics & superior features? Then take a look at NM WhatsApp. It has exceptional features that other modified versions must develop those features. Its appearance, history, and functionality are highly regarded across the world. NM WhatsApp is a customized version of the Original WhatsApp with exclusive functions. Its sending video size is up to 70 MBs, the largest of all other versions. Hide chat and chat lock are extra features not awarded by any MOD version. Its privacy, security, customization, and appearance are extraordinary to facilitate its users quickly and smoothly. It gained massive popularity all over the world.

Information Description
Name NM WhatsApp
Description Modified version of WhatsApp with added features and customization options
Features Customization options, large file transfer, message scheduling, privacy options
Compatibility Android 4.0 and above
Security Not officially reviewed, potential risks
Availability Not on official app stores, must be downloaded from third-party sources
Cost Free, with possible ads or additional paid features

Personalized Interface, App Icon & Themes

The App provides a vast store with 4000 themes to use. You can choose any unique theme to customize your interface and App Icon. You can make an aesthetic appearance by using its beautiful background images for your screen. You can also download anything from the Google Play store to customize its Interface and App Icon.

Big Media Files

This App offers you a wide range of video sharing to your contacts or a group. You can send 16 MB large files and 90 high-quality images. The audio file size is 100 MB in this application, and you can upload a video for over 7 minutes as a status.

Protection & Control

NM WhatsApp has excellent privacy features like other MOD versions. In this version, the user has excellent control over all online activities. Its privacy features are supportive such as;

  • Hide online status
  • Hide recording option
  • Hide typing from your contacts
  • Hide delivery of messages not to show blue ticks
  • DND mode to remain safe from other’s disturbance

Run Dual Accounts on a Single Phone

With this App, you can run two accounts with different numbers on your mobile. It is a great facility that most modified versions can’t offer you.

Message scheduler

A fantastic feature of NM WhatsApp is that you can automatically set a pre-write message to send on a specific date and time. This option helps you to attend all essential activities and never miss them because of your busy life. 

Auto-Reply Function

Users can set this option for more convenience. Auto-reply will be sent to the callers or incoming messages if you are busy in any other field.

Unlimited Pin Chats

NM WhatsApp offers unlimited pin chats to its users. On Official WhatsApp, users can pin only three chats. Here is no limitation for pinning chat.

NM WhatsApp

Communication Languages

There are up to 60 built-in languages for users to communicate with their family & friends. No other version presents as huge facilities as this MOD version is presenting.

Exceptional Features

NM WhatsApp presents some exceptional features unavailable in any other WhatsApp version. These are;

Hide & Divide Chat

You can divide your chat with grey lines. And its “Hide Chat” feature allows you to hide this division of your selected conversation on your home screen. It is the unique feature of this version that is unavailable in any other version.

Chat-Lock option

This MOD version presents the Lock function for the App with a pattern or pin password. It is a great safety feature that NM WhatsApp offers to its users.

Message Counter

This version has another unique feature of turning off the message counter. You can check how many messages are sent to each chat. This option is also unavailable in the rest of the versions.

Updated Calling Option

As with many other updates, its calling capacity is also updated. With this option, you can call more than eight people within a group audio /video call.

Other valuable Features

  • Huge Collection of Stickers & Emojis
  • Slide option to respond
  • New Ticks & Bubble Style
  • Anti-ban security for accounts
  • Approach to deleted messages and statuses
  • Frequently switch between audio and video call
  • Remove the forwarded labels
  • Stop the Notifications
  • Translate and copy messages
  • Can set an Auto reply option for messages
  • You can use NM WhatsApp on a laptop & Computer
  • Copy other’s status of images & videos
  • Broadcast messages to 1000 members

Final Thought

NM WhatsApp is the most valuable and finest MOD version of official WhatsApp with the newest features. It is a user-friendly clone app of the Original WhatsApp. Now the user is most satisfied with its latest and exceptional privacy features. It provides an automatic update for its users. Just enjoy the undoubtedly newest functions of this MOD version in the online world.


On this MOD version can be downloaded?

you can download this version from any third-party platform. You can use the link to download it from our website.

On which Platforms is this App available?

NM WhatsApp is used only on Android devices. Now you can use it on a laptop & computer with Emulator.

Is this WhatsApp mod safe?

This version has an Anti-ban feature, so this is a safe mode without being banned tension.

What is the unique feature it has?

It has a hide & divides chat option unavailable in other versions.