NO WhatsApp

NO WhatsApp

There are billions of people that are using WhatsApp daily. Official WhatsApp needs more features. For this reason, people are moving to other platforms such as Telegram, signal, and ToTok, but now the third-party developer has created many MOD versions of the Original WhatsApp. Now people are migrating to use the modified versions. Let’s look at the latest MOD version, “NO WhatsApp,” which has exceptional features.

Information Description
Purpose Secure messaging for individuals and businesses.
Features End-to-end encryption, group chats, calls, file sharing, built-in VPN.
Compatibility iOS, Android, and desktop.
Cost Free.
Privacy No personal data collection or sharing.
User Base Growing.
Developer Security-focused team.

What is NO WhatsApp?

NO WhatsApp is a modified version based on WhatsApp Plus. Its latest launched version has better functions than the old one. Now its outstanding features make it more attractive than previous. This MOD version is not available to download on the Google play store. You can download it from unknown sources. You can get a link from here to download free of cost on your Android device. It is a combination of Yusuf’s YOWhatsApp and Omar’s GBWhatsApp.

Main Features

Maximize Data Sharing

The official version of WhatsApp has limited data-sharing options. In this MOD version, users can share 100+ images simultaneously. This version facilitates users with its extended new features for sharing necessary files. The video/audio sharing limit is also increased by 60 MB and 102 MB in NO WhatsApp. Users can also share their status up to 10 minutes of video. 

HD Quality Image Sharing

With NO WhatsApp, users can share and receive images of the same quality. NO WhatsApp does not affect its quality. Now you can send documents in high-resolution format. Its features are fully supported for all its functions.

Highly Customized Feature

Customization is another great feature of this MOD version. You can customize all its settings as you want. You can change its Interface, make its appearance elegant and attractive, and customize the privacy of your account d as per your preference. If you want to hide your online status or other activities, now it is possible with its great customized features.  

Backup & Restoration of Data

NO WhatsApp can support your lost data with its exclusive feature of backup. You need not worry about your data if you have any doubts. You can also create your backup manually on your account. You can easily back up your data any time directly with this App.

NO WhatsApp

Disable Multiple Functions

Here are many Functions you want to disable to maintain your privacy and work smoothly. You can disable call options, notification settings, online status, typing & recording, last seen, and receiving message setting with a blue tick. You can use its disabled features according to your choice.

Wide range of Cameras & Microphones

NO WhatsApp presents its users with a wide range of cameras and microphones for their recording needs. Users can make its audio quality better than the default microphone. Users can enhance the quality of images with its various types of cameras. 

Video Status Exceeds Limit

NO WhatsApp has increased the video limit of its status to 10+ minutes. It is a fantastic feature that any other version has yet to offer over 30 seconds. 

Hide Archived Chat

On the Original WhatsApp, you can find your archived chats easily. With NO WhatsApp, you can hide your chats and lock them not to see. It is a new feature introduced by this MOD version.

Control over privacy

With this modified version, you have great control over your privacy features. You can disable/Enable any component according to your need. You can hide your online status and other activities from your contacts to maintain your privacy. 

Show yourself Online

It is a fantastic feature of NO WhatsApp that you can always show yourself online. To enable this function, you have to activate your data connection full-time.

Extra Features of NO WhatsApp

  • Enable Dark Theme
  • Enable DND Mode (Don’t Disturb Mode)
  • Themes Application (for a beautiful look of the screen)
  • Lock System available for security
  • Anti-Ban system to secure your account
  • Contact Profile Picture (to copy)
  • Send messages to unsaved numbers
  • Anti-Revoke function (access to deleted messages & status by your contacts)
  • New status (by copying other’s status)

Final Findings

As you read the article, this MOD version of WhatsApp has many newly introduced features unavailable in the Official WhatsApp. It is the need of the current time to work with all the helping features. You can use all its unique & helpful features to work without tension. You can also enjoy its emojis and stickers to share with your friends. The download link is available on our site free of cost.


How do I update NO WhatsApp?

Keep visiting our website for the latest NO WhatsApp updates. If you are using an older version of this mode, make sure you have an updated version of NO WhatsApp.

How to restore chat in NO WhatsApp?

you can restore your chat via the Archived Chat option.

How to hide online status in NO WhatsApp?

in the main menu option, disable your online status; nobody will see you online.

How to change your screen?

By changing themes, you can make your screen more attractive than before.