Download NS 3D Whatsapp for Android Free

NS 3D Whatsapp

NS 3D Whatsapp is another variant of the indigenous Whatsapp version. It is one of the most adored modded forms of Whatsapp. To date, millions of people have downloaded and used this form. 

Its popularity owes to several fun factors that the regular version could not give. It has numerous factors, from letting you download the statuses to masking your online presence. People who want to relish a broader version and experience more fun using Whatsapp love this format. 

Details Description
App Name NS 3D Whatsapp
Latest Version v2.0.0
Developer NS 3D Whatsapp
App Size 45 MB
Android Requirement 4.0+
Downloads 500,000+

How Is NS 3D Whatsapp More Desirable?

The desirability of NS 3D Whatsapp lies in multiple factors. It comes to assist you where the standard Whatsapp version fails. You have a lot of flexibility regarding the following:

  1. Making or receiving calls.
  2. Chatting with your adored ones.
  3. Protecting your privacy.
  4. Relishing some personal space.
  5. Blocking unwanted strangers from calling you.
  6. Rejecting unwelcome contacts’ calls without letting them know. 
  7. Making your Whatsapp display more attractive, enchanting, and captivating.
  8. Personalizing and customizing font styles and sizes. 
  9. Sending and receiving videos and images of larger sizes. 
  10. Downloading others’ statuses.
  11. Copying others’ statuses if uploaded in written format. 
  12. Keeping the original developers from banning you from using Whatsapp. 
  13. Replying to vital messages even when you are not available. 
  14. Availing innumerable emojis, GIFs, and stickers that match all situations and moods. 
  15. Keep your private chats locked so nobody can intermingle with your business. 

These and some other stunning factors make NS 3D Whatsapp preferable to the standard version and different variants. You will get all the above features free of cost. 

Who Can Use NS 3D Whatsapp?

Everyone who owns an android device can avail themselves of this remarkable alternative. There are no or very few restrictions when we talk about feasibility. The following titbits will help you know who can relish this outstanding application:

  • A person who can afford less than 60 MB of cellular phone device. 
  • Anyone who owns a mobile phone, whether it is an android, iOS, or windows. 
  • Someone who is using an android device up to or more than 5.0. 
  • People who know how to install and download an APK file (Not a hardcore science, though. You can do it in a few straightforward steps)
  • Everyone who wants to personalize, modify, and relish more fun factors. 

NS 3D Whatsapp

The above requirements are the most straightforward and easily attainable. Almost everyone in the world can afford them. 

Will NS 3D Whatsapp Get Me Banned?

This is the most typical question that a Whatsapp variant user asks. It is because there have been numerous instances when Whatsapp blocked banned people from utilizing alternatives. It is dreadful, annoying, and outrageous.

However, you should not worry while enjoying NS 3D Whatsapp. Why? Because it comes with an anti-restrict mechanism that will not get you banned from using Whatsapp. 

Can I Beautify My Display?

A big yes, you can quickly and feasibly beautify your display. It permits you to bring changes to the interface. You can alter many things, from themes to fonts and icons to colors, using NS 3D Whatsapp. 

It has numerous themes, font styles, colors, and icon shapes to offer. Amazingly all of them are free, meaning you will not be charged a penny.

Features Description
3D Themes Provides unique 3D themes for customization of the chat interface.
Customization Personalize the app by changing themes, fonts, backgrounds and more.
Privacy Options Control your privacy with features such as hiding online status, blue ticks, and typing indicators.
Anti-Ban Includes anti-ban feature to avoid getting banned from WhatsApp.
Emojis and Stickers Offers a wider range of emojis and stickers than the regular WhatsApp app.
Multiple Accounts Run multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device with NS 3D Whatsapp.
Enhanced Messaging Send large files, high-quality images, and up to 1GB of files at once. Includes features such as scheduling messages, auto-reply, and more.
Compatibility NS 3D Whatsapp is compatible with Android devices and is updated regularly.

Can I Share Larger Data?

Whatsapp will only let you share data up to 16 MB. The restriction is imposed on every file, including photos and videos. This is the biggest flaw of the original version. 

However, with NS 3D Whatsapp, you can share more extensive data. For example:

  • You can send or receive an audio file up to 300 MB. 
  • You can send or receive a video up to 1 GB. 

This is much larger than the indigenous format permits. 

Should I Be Concerned About Security?

Not at all. You should not be concerned regarding your phone’s security and data safety. If downloaded from a trusted source, NS 3D Whatsapp is perfectly safe to use. There has not been a single case regarding privacy or security breach. 


How to install NS 3D Whatsapp on Android?

To install NS 3D Whatsapp on Android, you need to download and install its APK file from our site.

How to hide online on NS 3D Whatsapp?

Tap on the three dots in the top right corner and select the “Hide Online” option.

How to hide chats in NS 3D Whatsapp?

Open Whatsapp>>Tap on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner>>select the “Unhide Chat” option.

How do I install NS 3D Whatsapp on Whatsapp?

After downloading and installing the APK file, transfer NS 3D Whatsapp to Whatsapp.

Is NS 3D Whatsapp safe?

Yes, NS 3D Whatsapp is safe.