OG Whatsapp

OG Whatsapp

Since the release of a legendary application called Whatsapp, people have never turned their back on it. Every time someone needs to contact another person, they use this app. Whatsapp has made connections smooth and flawless, from communicating via words to audio or video calling. 

App Name OG Whatsapp
Version 2.19.17
File Size 48 MB
Android Version Required 5.0+
Last updated 1 days ago

Along with these facilities, there are some instances where Whatsapp has failed. It cannot proffer more pliability to its customers. People cannot avail themselves of certain vital features using the standard version. 

That is why a third-party app like OG Whatsapp is becoming more popular than the original version. This variant provides numerous remarkable features that the typical form cannot offer. Here is an account of the fun elements that OG Whatsapp will give. 

Who Developed OG Whatsapp?

In the world of mods, thousands of developers are contributing towards creating a more feasible world for app users. Similar third-party developers have also introduced OG Whatsapp. There are two of them:

  • The first mod of the application was crafted and publicized by AlexMods. 
  • After the success of the first version, another party came forward with its own form. They are HeyMods. 

Apps proffered by both developers are extremely popular among people. 

Why Should You Use OG Whatsapp?

Why would you go for OG Whatsapp? The answer is straightforward. It gives you more flexibility regarding numerous factors. You can avail yourself of all the fun elements that the typical Whatsapp version does not provide. 

Here are the factors that distinguish OG Whatsapp from the regular version:

  1. You can personalize your display using this stunning variant of Whatsapp. 
  2. You can get more privacy regarding your online appearance. 
  3. You can secure your content from others. 
  4. You give various colors and shapes to the interface. 
  5. You can avoid undesirable calls from strangers or your contacts. 
  6. You can save others’ statuses on your device. 
  7. You can copy written forms of status as well. 
  8. You can relish the deleted statuses of your contacts. 
  9. You can mask your status from specific contacts. 
  10. You can also chitchat with the unsaved numbers. 
  11. You can send data larger than 16 MB, a limit imposed by the standard version of Whatsapp. 
  12. You will have the ability to send scheduled messages to specific contacts at a particular time. 
  13. More emojis fit your situation at a given time. They are all free of cost. 
  14. The remarkable app also allows users to create multiple accounts on the same device. 

OG Whatsapp

These are only some of the hundreds of fun elements that OG Whatsapp offers its customers. You can relish these factors free of cost. There is no fee for any feature, whether it is less entertaining or more enthralling. 

Feature Description
Multiple Accounts Use multiple WhatsApp accounts on one device
Anti-ban Claims to prevent account bans
Customization Change chat background, font style, and color
Privacy Hide online status, blue ticks, and typing status
Media Sharing Send large files and media
No Ads Ad-free experience
No Root Required Does not require device rooting
Free Available for free download

What Is New In The Latest Version? 

The latest version of this stunning Whatsapp variant is 17.20. Its Android requirement is 5.0 or more than that. This new version is also lighter in terms of space. It will take only 56 MB of your cellular device’s memory. 

The latest version proffers the following additional features:

  • With the latest version, you can relish other apps with your internet connection. No one from your Whatsapp contact will disturb your treasured moments. 
  • The quality of the image you send to anyone will not be reduced. Now you can share unzipped photos to retain their resolution. 
  • You can protect your precious MBs from being wasted using the Preview option in the latest version. This way, you can see an image or video’s preview without automated downloading. 
  • More formats can be shared using this latest version. For instance, you can now send eBooks as well. 
  • Even more, emojis are provided in the newest form. 
  • Whatsapp’s typical version limits the character you use in written statuses. However, with the latest version of OG Whatsapp, you can now increase this limit. 

In short, OG Whatsapp is more flexible, exciting, and captivating than the usual Whatsapp version. You will definitely love using this variant.