Other Whatsapp


It is a universal truth that Whatsapp revolutionized the world of communication. You can be in touch with your loved ones any time you want. From business communiqué to chatting with friends, Whatsapp has become a household software now. 

However, due to limited features, people are now looking for applications that proffer them more flexibility. What if we told you that you could avail yourself of all the enticing elements within the standard version of Whatsapp? 

Yes, you can use several variants of Whatsapp that you can find on our site. These types are crafted by third-party developers to provide numerous fun elements. Let’s discuss why there is a need for these alternates in today’s world. 

  1. Customization 

All the Whatsapp mods proffer the freedom to personalize the interface. In contrast to the standard Whatsapp version, you will not be stuck with only a green interface. These mods provide you with several colorful and aesthetic themes. For example, FM WhatsApp comes with above a thousand themes. 

  1. Block Unwanted Calls 

These Whatsapp variants respect and protect your privacy. Do you want to avoid receiving calls from unknown numbers or specific contacts? No worries; using these mods, you can block calls from specific numbers. For example, you can choke calls from unwanted persons with OG Whatsapp. 

  1. Privacy 

Whatsapp mods are the best option for protecting your privacy. With the standard version, there are many ways for people to know that you are online. However, mods like GBWhatsapp lets you hide various factors like a double tick, blue tick, and writing status. 

  1. Autoreply 

The Autoreply option is another remarkable feature of these mods. If you are busy somewhere and are unable to reply promptly. With the Autoreply option, you can generate an automated response. For example, Whatsapp Plus gives you this opportunity. 

  1. Download Statuses 

Whatsapp’s standard version only allows you to update or see statuses. However, using various mods, you can also download these statuses. For example, YoWhatsapp comes with a built-in status saver. 

  1. Transfer Large Data

The most annoying issue with the standard version is it does not allow the transfer of data above 16 MB. However, many modernized types let you share and receive large files. For example, some versions can send up to 1 GB of files. 

  1. Scheduled Messaging 

You can now send a specific message to specific contacts at a specific moment. There is no need to stay alert. All you have to do is to schedule the content you want to send and do whatever you want. 

  1. See Deleted Content

It isn’t charming when someone deletes a message without you seeing it. The mystery and curiosity are infuriating. However, you can now see the deleted content using different Whatsapp mods. 

Final Words 

Whatsapp mods have made life more fun and easy. Using these modernized versions, you can relish all the features missing in the standard type. You can avail yourself of these mods on our site as well. There is no hardcore science to enjoy these mods.