Royal Whatsapp Transparent

Royal Whatsapp Transparent

Today several communique apps are available on different platforms. The apps include:

  • Whatsapp
  • Line
  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • Messenger

And many others. But Whatsapp has beaten all of its competitors in popularity and usage. It is so popular that some countries have a 100% usage level. It is because of the feasibility level that this outstanding application provides. 

Information Description
Name Royal Whatsapp Transparent
Developer Sam Mods
Latest Version v6.80
Features Customizable themes, message scheduling, anti-delete messages, anti-ban, and more.
Availability Not on official app stores. Download from third-party websites.
Popularity Popular for customization and control.
Risks Using third-party apps can pose security risks and may violate official app terms.

However, it could be better. The standard version has many limitations that we will discuss in the latter part of this article. Due to these limitations, people prefer modded versions like Royal Whatsapp Transparent. The modified format offers all the necessary functions to fill the voids left by the regular version. That is why apps like Royal Whatsapp Transparent have become more practical for people than Whatsapp itself.

Limitations of Whatsapp

If you use Whatsapp, you might already be aware of the limitations it imposes. You can relish a few features and less flexibility while using the regular version. The following flaws contribute to the development of modded versions:

  1. Whatsapp has a low privacy level.
  2. It cannot compete with the modded versions in terms of personalization.
  3. You can send or receive up to 30 images simultaneously.
  4. It does not allow sharing a photo, video, or file that exceeds 16 MB.
  5. You are unable to upload a long video as your status.
  6. You have no permission to download others’ statuses.
  7. You cannot create groups with several contacts per group.
  8. You cannot schedule messages.
  9. It is challenging to send or receive a high-quality photo because it compromises the resolution. 
  10. There is no room for setting an auto-reply.
  11. It does not provide a “Do Not Disturb” mode.
  12. You cannot relish WiFi or data without masking your online availability on Whatsapp.

These are a few of the many flaws that the regular version has. Therefore, you might have to replace it with Royal Whatsapp Transparent if you are tired of the above shortcomings. 

What does Royal Whatsapp Transparent Offer?

It is not wrong if we say all the flaws of Whatsapp can be the power points of Royal Whatsapp Transparent. It fills all the spaces left by the standard version and enhances your experience. You can avail yourself of all the stunning elements that are impossible to attain with the regular version. 

If you look at our adored application’s top-notch factors, you will know the fundamental difference. We are not exaggerating; you can understand our points after reading the following points.

Beautiful Interface

It has the most beautiful interface of all the modded formats. We are not discussing the standard version as it does not allow customization. Royal Whatsapp Transparent gives you a transparent look that will make your display more unique and attractive.

Royal Whatsapp Transparent

Customization Level

From changing the background to altering font style, there is nothing you cannot do with our adored application. It has:

  • Hundreds of built-in themes
  • Many background wallpapers 
  • Several font styles
  • Various icon shapes 
  • Different pop-up windows 

Previously, you could not relish the abovementioned elements because the regular version has failed to impart these fun factors. 

Data Sharing

Data sharing is a fundamental feature of Whatsapp. This remarkable application lets you send or receive photos, documents, and videos. However, as mentioned earlier, it has a limit of 16 MB and 30 pics simultaneously. At the same time, Royal Whatsapp Transparent does not impose such boundaries. It means you will be able to share a data file of more than 16 MB and above 30 photos at the same time.

Turn Off the Last Scene

The last scene means when you visited the application recently. It is meant to tell other people when you are online. This can create user issues as people become more sensitive about replies. You cannot tell them you are away if you do not reply in time. It is because they already know your whereabouts.

Freezing the last scene, therefore, is necessary, and Royal Whatsapp Transparent gives you the facility. With our adored application, you can turn off the last scene option, and it will not let anyone know about your status.

More Fun Elements 

It is impossible to include so many fun factors in a single article. You can see the following points to learn more about Royal Whatsapp Transparent:

  • It offers a Do Not Disturb or DND mode.
  • It masks the blue tick, grey tick, and other options.
  • You can read erased content.
  • You can create groups with more people.
  • It gives a higher level of privacy.
  • It has a straightforward interface.
  • All the features are free of cost.


How to download Royal Whatsapp Transparent on iPhone?

You can download the application by installing its APK file from our site.

Is Royal Whatsapp Transparent safe?

Yes, it is safe to use.

Is Royal Whatsapp Transparent banned?

No, Royal Whatsapp Transparent is not banned.

Is Royal Whatsapp Transparent free?

Yes, Royal Whatsapp Transparent is free.

Is Royal Whatsapp Transparent legal?

Yes, it is legal to use.