TM Whatsapp

TM Whatsapp

If you own a smartphone, you must have used Whatsapp. This outstanding communique application is the best thing that has ever happened in the communication world. It makes your life easy in the following way:

  • It lets you quickly contact your friends, family, boss, and subordinates. 
  • It offers a more apparent audio-calling service.
  • It provides you with an opportunity to make a video call. 
  • You can chat with your pals and send required office notices.
  • You can share important files, photos, and videos feasibly.
Information Description
Name TM Whatsapp
Developer Titus Mukisa
Latest Version v7.90
Features Anti-ban, customizable themes, message scheduling, anti-delete messages, and more.
Availability Not on official app stores. Download from third-party websites.
Popularity Popular for control and customization.
Risks Using third-party apps can pose security risks and may violate official app terms.

Despite the abovementioned facilities, people nowadays use different Whatsapp variants. These modified formats provide additional features while keeping the original ones. TM Whatsapp is also one of these variants. It helps make audio and video calls, share data, and upload statuses, but these are not the only elements that TM Whatsapp offers. It has several other fun factors that the standard version cannot give. 

Attributes of TM Whatsapp

What makes TM Whatsapp more desirable than the regular format? You might have already guessed the answer. This stunning application proffers many fun elements that Whatsapp has failed to provide.

That is why people find this variant preferable to Whatsapp. You do not have many options when you use the regular format. On the other hand, usage of TM Whatsapp comes with various benefits, such as:

Read Erased Conversations

Have you ever thought of reading a deleted message? Does erased content raise curiosity in you? If yes, you might have made peace with the fact that you cannot see the eliminated messages in Whatsapp. It is because viewing deleted content is against Whatsapp’s policy. That is why it keeps you from doing so.

At the same time, TM Whatsapp does not impose such limitations. It has a unique anti-delete feature that allows you to see the deleted content. This way, your curiosity can be satisfied, and you can know what is hidden from your eyes.

No Forward Mark

Someone sends you an important or exciting message. You want to share it with other contacts and send it to them. But the problem is that they will immediately know that your message is forwarded. The reason is Whatsapp automatically generates a forward mark with such content.

However, with TM Whatsapp, you are free from such hurdles. It does not show a forward mark when you send someone else’s message. Hence, no one will be able to know that the note you just sent is not yours.

Share a Long Video Status

Video status is an outstanding feature of Whatsapp. It lets you share an interesting or informative video with your contacts. However, there is a problem; you cannot upload a video status of more than 30 seconds. For this purpose, you either have to download a third-party app or use a complicated way. 

When you use TM Whatsapp, it does not create such challenging situations for you. You can share a 7 min long video status with this outstanding application. It is enough because people only see a status up to a limited length.

TM Whatsapp

Hide Blue Tick

You must be familiar with the blue tick in the Whatsapp chat box. It tells people that the person got their messages. Sometimes we do not feel like replying to a message abruptly. Nonetheless, the blue tick can tell anybody we have seen their message and are not replying deliberately. 

What if we told you that you could hide the blue tick? Yes, it is possible when you use TM Whatsapp. It lets you mask the sign; the sender will never know you have read their message. This can save you from their anger and other problems.

Elevate Privacy Level

People say in today’s digital world; privacy is a myth. You cannot get 100% privacy without using a smartphone, PC, or another device. It seems to be true if you take the example of Whatsapp. It does not care for your privacy and always gives away your online presence.

But not anymore. If you replace the standard version with TM Whatsapp, you can attain a higher level of privacy. It does so by masking all the signs that can give away your privacy.

These are not the only features that you will relish while using our adored application. It proffers more fantastic elements like modifying your display and creating a group with unlimited contacts.


How to install TM Whatsapp?

You can install TM Whatsapp by downloading its APK file from our website.

How to disable double tick in TM Whatsapp?

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and tap “Privacy and Security”; you will find an option to disable the blue tick.

How to backup chats in TM Whatsapp?

Open TM Whatsapp>> tap More Options>> Click Settings>> Tap Chats>> Select Chat Backup.

Is TM Whatsapp safe?

Yes, TM Whatsapp is safe to use.

How to download TM Whatsapp for android?

You can download TM Whatsapp for android by installing its APK file from our website.