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Weka Whatsapp

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most widely used communique app in the world. With billions of users worldwide, Whatsapp has a matchless fan base. It is because of the following reasons:

  • Before Whatsapp, there was no such feasible communication mode in the world.
  • After Whatsapp, people began to find connecting with their loved ones easy.
  • It made sending and receiving pictures, documents, and videos more accessible.
  • It became an inexpensive mode of international communication. 
  • People sitting at distances could easily talk to one another.

However, with time, people realized this great app also lacks many modern and vital features. The advancement in the world of communication compelled users to ask for more.

Category Information
App Name Weka Whatsapp
Developer Weka Dev
Platform Android
Category Communication
Price Free
Size Varies with device
Version Varies with device
Ratings 4.2 out of 5 stars (Google Play Store)
Downloads Over 10 million (Google Play Store)
In-app Purchases No
Last Update March 31, 2021

Unfortunately, the original developers of the astounding application could not respond to people’s needs. This opened a door for third-party app crafters to come up with brilliant ideas like Weka Whatsapp. 

Weka Whatsapp is a Whatsapp variant that is a modded format. It means that it runs on the concept of the standard application but with more fun factors. If you want to know more about this astounding application, keep reading. This article will discuss some significant aspects of Weka Whatsapp. 

Difference between Weka Whatsapp and Whatsapp

Before jumping to the features section, let’s discuss the fundamental differences between the modded version and the original format. Discussing the variable factors between the two applications is necessary to understand the need. 

  • The original version offers messages, calling, sharing data, and uploading statuses only. On the other hand, the modded format provides more features.
  • With Whatsapp, you cannot download anyone’s status. However, Weka Whatsapp allows you to save positions.
  • Whatsapp lacks a top-notch security mechanism, while our adored application offers a high-quality sense of security.
  • The standard version can feasibly give off your online presence. The modded format can mask all the elements revealing your online availability.
  • The regular app shows your name when you see someone’s status. Modded file does not do so.
  • Whatsapp does not permit auto-replies. On the other hand, Weka Whatsapp provides you with an opportunity to set automated responses.
  • Data sharing on the standard version is limited, while Weka Whatsapp does not limit this facility.
  • You cannot see deleted messages, pictures, documents, or videos in the standard format. Conversely, this modified version helps you see erased content.

Weka Whatsapp

That is why Weka Whatsapp is more desirable and preferable to Whatsapp. It offers dozens of features that the original application lacks. 

Now, let’s have a look at what kinds of fun factors Weka Whatsapp gives:

No One Can Ban You

With so many modded formats of the original application, some proffer danger of getting banned by the developers. It means you cannot use Whatsapp or even the modified versions on the same number again.

However, Weka Whatsapp does not let anyone ban you. It has a built-in anti-ban mechanism that does not allow the legit developers to bar you from utilizing the app.

Personalization and Specifications 

Can you personalize or specify the standard Whatsapp version? The answer is straightforward, no, you cannot. So, you will have to be stuck with the same old green interface, words style, and display if you keep using the standard format. 

However, if you download Weka Whatsapp, it provides you unlimited flexibility in terms of specification and personalization. From theme to color, you can change anything you want.

Erase All Kinds of Media Files 

People can still see if you delete or erase a message or media file on the typical Whatsapp application. The modded formats allow them to un-delete the deleted content to know what you want to hide from them.

However, if you use Weka Whatsapp, it will not happen. This remarkable communique app lets you delete content within seven minutes. This way, no one will be able to know what you want to mask.

Set Auto-Replies 

Can you always respond to people? Of course, it is not possible. You can be busy somewhere or journeying some parts of the world where signal reception is weak. In that case, you need an Auto-Reply mechanism. 

Weka Whatsapp offers you this system. Now, you can set an automatically generated response on your app. This way, you will not have to be alert all the time. The app will automatically respond to crucial messages in your absence. 


Q. Is Weka Whatsapp safe to use?

Yes, Weka Whatsapp is a hundred percent safe to use.

How to download Weka Whatsapp?

You can download Weka Whatsapp by installing its APK file from our site.

Is Weka Whatsapp banned in India?

No, Weka Whatsapp is not banned in India.

Is Weka Whatsapp legit?

Yes, Weka Whatsapp is legit to use.

How to update Weka Whatsapp?

You can update Weka Whatsapp by deleting the old file and downloading the updated one from our site.