WhatsApp Alaskar

WhatsApp Alaskar

Many updated and recent MOD versions are available in the WhatsApp world. About 2+ billion people are using WhatsApp messenger, but not all are happy with the features of Official WhatsApp. For this reason, many latest versions are introduced in the online world. WhatsApp Alaskar (WhatsApp AK) is a MOD version based on YOWhatsApp (YOWA). YOWhatsApp is the most popular version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Alaskar is a MOD version based on a prevalent version YOWhatsApp. It has many upgraded features like; customization, privacy, secured account, jumping back to previous chat, maximized messages up to 250 people, and many more. There is a series of added features that users need help finding in official WhatsApp.

Information Description
Name WhatsApp Alaskar
Description Modified version of WhatsApp based on YOWhatsApp with added features for customization, privacy, and security.
Features Customization options, increased message forwarding limit, secured account, jump back to previous chat, anti-ban feature, and more.
Compatibility Android 4.0 and above
Security Third-party app, potential risks
Availability Not on official app stores, must be downloaded from third-party sources
Cost Free, with possible ads or additional paid features

Copies of WhatsApp Alaskar

The Modified version of WhatsApp Alaskar had five copies in different colors; WhatsApp Alaskar Gold, Alaskar1 Blue, Alaskar2 Pink, Alaskar3 Red, and Alaskar4 green. All these copies have the same features with different colors. They all work next to Official WhatsApp with another number.

Enhancement of Themes

Users can change the app’s appearance according to their choice. There is a Theme store in app settings with many elegant themes. You can change the look of your screen with multiple themes. The app has many beautiful background images that can be used for enhancement. Users can also download more themes and images from the Google Play store and apply them here.

Save to Gallery Option

Although you have turned off media visibility to the gallery, the App offers you to save the media files to save in your gallery.

IOS Style UI

If you are impressed by the appearance of the iPhone, you can change your Interface to look like iPhone. Enable the IOS Style from your home screen in settings. You will enjoy the look of the iPhone on your Android phone.

Read Particular Messages from Group

You can read the selected number’s messages from your group. Just long press on the desired number, and you will read all the messages from that number.

Copy Shared Media Caption

An image or video shared by any of your contacts can be copied from the ‘copy caption’ option. You can use and enjoy this copied file. 

Scheduler of Messages

The App allows you to send a message at a fixed date and time to a specific person. It is a supportive feature of the App in this busy life.

WhatsApp Alaskar

Dark Mode

Nowadays, most people like a dark mode for their phone to use. This app presents a dark mode option to use on your mobile.

Privacy Features

This MOD version of WhatsApp also provides more privacy features for its users. User can secure their online achievements from others and hide everything he wants to be. 

Hide Online Status

If the user doesn’t want to show himself online, he can hide his online status to disable this feature from all his contacts. 

Hide Last Seen

The user can disable his last seen from his contacts. He can choose the ‘Nobody’ option from the privacy of account setting so that no one can check his activities while working online.

Blue Ticks

You can set these blue ticks after replying to the messages. Because you don’t want to show others you have read the massage before. This feature will help you according to your schedule of work.

Full Customization Feature

This modified version offers excellent customization features for mobile to its users. Users can change settings, like; the front screen, background, texting mode, or any other functional space. You can make your interface as attractive as you want to see. 

More Functions of the WhatsApp Alaskar

  • Stickers & Emojis Grand Collection
  • DND Mode availability 
  • Status saver options
  • Sharing of large-size videos
  • More images can be sent
  • Ant-delete Messages
  • Anti-Revoke Messages & Statuses
  • Jump back to the previous chat
  • Lock system for the entire App
  • Increases forwarded messages limit
  • Send Broadcast Messages to groups 
  • Send fixed Maps while sharing your Location
  • Enable video/image effects and filters
  • Instant Reply option
  • Send 100 documents at once 

Final Result

After knowing about this Modified version of Official WhatsApp, you will want to download this MOD version. But this version is not available on the Google Play store for downloading. You need not worry about it. We are providing the safe & secure MOD version of WhatsApp Alaskar for you to download and install on your android device free of cost. Follow the link on our website.


What Is WhatsApp Alaskar?

WhatsApp Alaskar is a Moded Version of WhatsApp based on YOWhatsApp. Mahmoud Al-Askar, a third-party developer, created this mod.

Is WhatsApp Alaskar safe to use?

Yes, WhatsApp Alaskar is 100% safe & secure to use because it has an Anti-ban source. You need not worry about your data leakage.

How to update WhatsApp Alaskar?

Please keep visiting our website for the latest updates and ensure you have installed an updated version of this MOD.

What is the limit of video status in WhatsApp Alaskar?

Video status can be uploaded for up to 5 minutes.