WhatsApp Arabic

WhatsApp Arabic

WhatsApp is the most used app for instant chatting with over a billion users. A third party has developed its modified version, WhatsApp Arab, for the Arabian community. It is one of the best MOD versions. Its theme is representing the Arabic culture with newly created emojis about its culture & wearing. It is a new mod version of official WhatsApp, created for the people of Arab countries.

Category Information
Language Arabic
Availability Available in all Arabic-speaking countries
Platform Support iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Nokia S40
Launch Date May 3, 2011
Developer WhatsApp Inc.
Features Text messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing
User Base Over 200 million active users worldwide
Encryption End-to-end encryption for all messages and calls
Cost Free to download and use
Revenue Model WhatsApp Business, in-app purchases, and ads
Competitors Telegram, Signal, Viber, WeChat, and Line
Parent Company Facebook Inc.

The theme of WhatsApp is designed according to Arabic society. The used emojis are very interesting & entertaining for chatting purposes. Emojis are wearing attractive & typical costumes to show many features of Arabian traditions. This version has many exceptional functions that are unavailable in other versions. Although it is an unofficial App, it is 100 % legal and secures for its users. It is becoming more popular day by day in the Arabic world. 

Why is this Developed?

The main purpose of creating WhatsApp Arab is to introduce & spread the Arabic language and culture worldwide. So this modified App is becoming famous over the entire world. Especially Arabs are choosing this version to connect & communicate with each other.

Main Features

Customization of Interface

Users can change the interface of their WhatsApp Arab with many customizing elements like; wallpapers, themes, colors, icons, backgrounds, and many more. They can set their interface as they want to change it.

Automatic Answering Facility

The App has an excellent option to answer instant messages when you are busy and unavailable. 

Have Access to other’s Status

You can copy or download the status of your contacts. It is an amazing feature of the App.

WhatsApp Arabic

Sharing of Large Data

The App can send large-sized files or photos to your contacts. In the original App, this feature is not available to use. For example, you can send 90 photos at once in this mod App. 

Small App in Size

It is a small-sized light-weighted App to download on your Android device. It will not affect the speed and functionality of your mobile. 

Authentic & Secure App

Usually, Mod Apps are not legal, but WhatsApp Arab is a 100 % legal and safe App to use confidently. This App follows international rules & regulations to work smoothly. No viruses and malware can affect your mobile in this version, so be confident to use this App on your Devices.

DND Mode

DND mode is a great option for this App. You can avoid all calls, messages, and notifications if you don’t disturb yourself. You can enable this DND (don’t Disturb Option) mode not to get worried. 

Anti-Ban Feature

The App has an Anti-Ban feature, so you can use this App without thinking about losing any of your essential data. It is its great element.

WhatsApp Arabic

Privacy Elements

Users can set their privacy about all its features for others to show or hide. 

  • Profile Photo Privacy

Users can hide their profile photo to change its setting. Go to the setting option, and you can set it within three options; Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. You can select the Nobody option so no one can see your profile photo.

  • Hide the Connect Time

If you don’t want to show the connect time on your account, you can disable your last seen time from your account privacy option. You can select the Nobody option, and nobody will see your last seen time. Your privacy will remain safe.

  • Hide your About Section

You can hide all your profile information from unknown persons by selecting the “My Contact” option. Only your saved contacts will see your activities on your account. Except for your contacts, nobody can check your status.  

Quick Responses

There are so many quick responses that you can send to your friends, such as; emojis, stickers, smiley, GIFs, and so on. You can respond only with an emoji without typing a single word. The App has a great collection of these elements.

Free to Download

The App is 100 % free of cost to download and use. User can enjoy their language and traditions in this App. 


WhatsApp Arab has amazing features that are unavailable in the original App. There are so many extra functions to enjoy. You can introduce your Arabian culture & traditions through its emojis and themes. The emojis wearing different cultural costumes are the presenters of your typical traditions. Use this App to introduce Arab culture entertainingly.


What Is WhatsApp Arab?

It is another Modified version of WhatsApp created to promote Arabian culture.

How to install WhatsApp Arab?

On the page, click the download button. Enable unknown sources to install the App.

Is WhatsApp Arab legal for Android users?

It is 100% legal for android mobile users with no hassle while installing the App. It has completed all rules & regulations.

How to update WhatsApp Arab in the Google Play store?

Open the Google Play store, find your WhatsApp Messenger, and tap update.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp, Arab?

WhatsApp Arab is a MOD version 100% safe and secure. You need not worry about your data leakage.