WhatsApp B58

WhatsApp B58

For instant messaging, there are a lot of applications providing the best services to users. One of them is the most liked WhatsApp, which is popular with its easy texting. Billions of people are using this App, but now because of its limitations, people are moving to its Modified versions. Third-party developers create the MOD versions. One of the most popular versions is WhatsApp B58, also called WhatsApp Mini.

WhatsApp B58 is an amazing modification of Official WhatsApp. It provides a wide range of cool features for better safety, privacy, customizable setting, and data sharing. It has a great facility of Google Drive Backup via linking your WhatsApp to Google directly. A multi-lock system for chats and Apps provides users with a pin & pattern to save the data.

Category Information
Name WhatsApp B58
Type Modified version of WhatsApp
Features – Enhanced safety and privacy
– Customizable settings
– Google Drive backup
– Multi-lock system for chats and apps
Popularly known as WhatsApp Mini
Developer Third-party developers
Availability Not available on official app stores; users must download from third-party sources
Compatibility Works on Android devices

Google Drive Backup

It is a useful function that is provided only by WhatsApp B58. Users can directly link their WhatsApp accounts to Google Drive. You can upload your backup directly on Google drive. You are tension free now about your data lost.  

Call Privacy

This MOD version provides an amazing facility to set the privacy of your calls. You can disable the call function to your contacts while working. No one can call you with this function. But if you want to receive calls from some specific contacts, you can enable this option for them. It is such a helpful feature of WhatsApp B58.

Organize Contacts

With this MOD, you can organize your contacts list with categorization. You can create different categories like; family, friends, workers, etc. It will let you facilitate while contacting some specific fields.

Lock Your Chat

This modified version offers a great lock system for protecting your data from others. Keep your personnel safe and secure by using locks with a pin, pattern, or fingerprint. Set a variety of passwords for different chats. 

Anonymously seen Status

Using this feature, you can hide your seen status activity from others. You can view your friend’s status without letting them know you have seen it. Double-click on the bottom left side will make you visible to them.

WhatsApp B58


Customizing all the features is a great facility allowed by this MOD version. You can change any setting as per your choice. You can also uniquely set the front screen using its beautiful themes, stickers, fonts, and colors. There are 150 themes present in its library, and many others can be downloaded and applied anywhere.  

Set Notification Styles

Here you can set different styles for your notifications to vary among all these. It will prompt you in the selected manner so that you can know where it is coming from without opening.

Custom Privacy

Privacy is an excellent feature of any App. It provides its users to maintain its secrets in a good way. With WhatsApp B58, you can set all your functions with the safety features as per your requirements. Users can hide the last seen, online status, hide blue ticks & second ticks, hide typing & recording, hide status, and much more from their contacts. Users will be comfortable working safely without any disturbance.  

Scheduled Messaging

In this hectic life, this is very difficult to remember everything. You have many assignments to be done on time. You can set this option to send specific messages to different persons on a fixed date and time. The app will send your messages that are set for the scheduled date and time. You will be safe from any annoying situation. 

More Valuable Attributes

  • New Emojis collection
  • DND mode available
  • Animated stickers are available
  • You can download other’s statuses in the gallery
  • Anti-Revoke function
  • Share high-quality images
  • Large data sharing to contacts & groups
  • Option to put Contact’s status in the chat screen
  • Copy status of others
  • Hide the sender name on the home screen
  • Restart App
  • Contact online toast

Final Verdict

Data Backup, custom call privacy, notification settings, privacy, and security features are great qualities to catch people’s attention to use this MOD version of the WhatsApp Application. Besides these features, many other engaging functions are presented by WhatsApp B58. You can download this MOD from the link provided here without thinking. You are safe and secure using this modified version.


How to download WhatsApp Mini B58?

You can download it from the link provided on our website. Just click on download, and it will start downloading.

Does WhatsApp B58 have an Anti-ban service?

It has an Anti-ban service to save your account from being banned. You can run your account without any fear of a ban.

Can I have to root my phone to use this App?

No, you don’t need to root your phone to use this Application.

Is our data safe and accessible in this MOD App?

Your data is 100% safe, and you can upload your data from a direct link to Google Drive. This function is not available in any other MOD version.

What is the difference between WhatsApp B58 Mini and GB WhatsApp?

WhatsApp B58 Mini is developed for a small storage device. It has all the significant features of GB WhatsApp.