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Whatsapp Base

If you ask someone what is the best communication app? They will promptly name Whatsapp. It is valid to say that the application has become more famous than the developers would have imagined. Despite Whatsapp, you can also communicate with people using other websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The problem is all this software, including the original format of Whatsapp” has many flaws. They cannot live up to the expectations of today’s users. That is why you need modified versions like Whatsapp Base. 

The stunning application has many plus points that distinguish it from the indigenous version of Whatsapp.

Attributes of Whatsapp Base

This application has many unique features, from allowing you to download statuses to avoid unwanted calls. Some of these are described below:

  • See Erased Content 

Using the standard version, you cannot see a deleted message, photo, or video. It is against their policy to show erased content. However, sometimes, it becomes necessary to see what is being hidden from you.

In that case, Whatsapp Base becomes handy. It permits its customers to see the erased content. You can also recover your deleted chats with a particular person utilizing Whatsapp Base.

Whatsapp Base

  • Change the Interface

Whatsapp does not offer you multiple themes. It comes with only two modes:

  1. Lighter mode
  2. Darker mode 

Despite the abovementioned covers, you cannot use any other theme. This can be dull. 

That is why you need to download Whatsapp Base, as it has a store containing hundreds of attractive themes. You can apply any of them free of cost. It will not charge you for your beloved display.

  • Hide Ticks 

You cannot mask your online availability when you use Whatsapp. It gives off your presence in different ways, for example:

  1. Double blue ticks
  2. Double grey ticks
  3. Writing Status
  4. Recording status
  5. Online Status 

That is why you cannot relish WiFi or data while masking your online availability. 

At the same time, Whatsapp Base lets you disable all the above factors that can give off your presence. 

  • Download and Hide Statuses 

Whatsapp has invented the trend of uploading status; these statuses can vary from pictures and videos to written format. The problem is you can upload the statuses but cannot download them.

However, with Whatsapp Base, you can achieve two milestones:

  1. Download anyone’s status with just a single tap. They will never know you did that.
  2. Hide your status from someone while seeing theirs.

Both these options are unavailable in the indigenous format.

  • Anti-Block Feature 

Whatsapp might block you if you are using any modded format. This is the biggest problem while using some other modified versions. Your number can be barred forever.

Nonetheless, with Whatsapp Base, you avoid the banning procedure. It will not let the company know you are using a modified format. When they cannot see, they cannot bane.

  • Share Larger Data Files 

Whatsapp imposes limitations on sharing data files; you can send or receive a file of 16 MB only. This boundary implies every shared format, including pictures, documents, and videos.

People who need to share more extensive files must go for Whatsapp Base. It is because this outstanding application gives you an opportunity to send more extensive files. It means you can share an image, video, or document of more than 16 MB in size. 


What is Whatsapp Base?

Whatsapp Base is an alternative format of Whatsapp that offers additional features.

How to download Whatsapp Base on Android?

You can download Whatsapp Base on android by installing its APK file from our website.

Is it safe to use Whatsapp Base?

Whatsapp Base is a hundred percent safe to use. There has been no report of any problem.

Is Whatsapp Base banned?

Whatsapp Base is not banned for customers.

How to update Whatsapp Base?

Delete the existing file>>come to our site>>download the updated APK file>>install it.