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Whatsapp Black Gold

Whatsapp Black Gold is one of the modded formats of Whatsapp with more fun factors. This variant comes with a number of fantastic elements that the original application cannot offer. You can use this alternative to achieve more freedom and flexibility. 

It is a communication application and provides several features that make it more enjoyable. You can get all the fun factors that the indigenous version lacks. That is why Whatsapp Black Gold has earned millions of satisfied customers and positive reviews. Its wide variety of features makes the application more looked for than any other variant. 

Detail Description
Version 23.00
Price Free
File type APK
User rating 8/10
Number of downloads 46

Attributes of Whatsapp Black Gold:

It is vital to look at the attributes of any application before deciding to go for it. This way, you can utilize the software with a clearer image and more satisfaction. Whatsapp Black Gold is one of the most famous alternatives of Whatsapp. 

It has no limitations like the original version regarding personalization, privacy, status, and chatting. What’s more exciting is the fact that all the fun elements offered by this stunning application are free of cost. Given below are some of the fantastic features of Whatsapp Black Gold:

  • Get More Than One Account 

You can have only one account using the standard version of Whatsapp. However, in today’s world of the hustle and bustle, most people need more than one account. The requirement can be due to business issues or personal problems. 

Whatsapp Black Gold

However, you can get multiple Whatsapp accounts using Whatsapp Black Gold. This amazing application proffers you the ability to create more accounts on different numbers on the same device. 

  • Beautiful and Unique Interface 

Black is a sign of aesthetic preferences. Gold, on the other hand, is a sign of uniqueness. When you mix the two, you get an aesthetic and unique display. That is what this stunning variant gives you.

It does not mean you will always be stuck with the same theme as the standard version. You can change the interface utilizing multiple built-in themes. 

  • Send Pre-Determined Messages 

Do you work in a field that frequently requires communication to manage different team members? It means you must need to send messages at scheduled times most often. It can be a difficult task using the regular version. 

Feature Description
Multiple accounts Create multiple Whatsapp accounts on the same device
Beautiful interface Aesthetic display with customizable built-in themes
Pre-determined messages Program messages to be sent automatically at preferred times
Automated replies Reply to messages automatically with a general message
Colorful notification icons Use various notification icons with different designs and colors
More security and privacy Advanced technology to protect private data and avoid unwanted calls
Share more files Send a larger number of files, such as 90 images at once, compared to the original version limit

However, with Whatsapp Black Gold, you feasibly programmed certain content to send it automatically at preferred times. This way, you will not miss sending a vital note to your colleagues or subordinates. 

  • Automated Replies 

It is also vital to stay connected with your bosses, friends, colleagues, or employees by replying to their queries promptly. But the problem is you cannot always stick to your cellular phone. Moreover, sometimes, you are busy doing something you love and want to avoid using Whatsapp.

In that case, Whatsapp Black Gold can significantly assist by offering the ability to reply automatically. You can generate a general message, and the app will answer it without manual work. 

  • Colorful Notification Icons 

Sometimes, more minor things can make appearance exceptional and attractive. The same is the case with notification icons. The same window pops up on your screen whenever you get a message or call. It happens only with the standard Whatsapp version.

On the other hand, using Whatsapp Black Gold, you can change this routine. It gives you the ability to use various notification icons with several designs and colors. You will feel a significant change in your display after availing this facility. 

Whatsapp Black Gold

  • More Security and Privacy 

Privacy and security have become a headache in today’s digital world. You are always on the verge of private data leakage. You always get annoyed by unwanted calls from unwelcomed people. It seems there is no room for personal space.

However, Whatsapp Black Gold can solve the issue regarding Whatsapp and communication. You can protect your private data with more advanced technology. You can also ditch undesired calls from anyone using this stunning application. 

  • Share More Files 

Whatsapp does not let you send images, files, or videos of more than the described limit at once. It means you cannot share a larger number of data using the indigenous version. 

Therefore, you might want to install Whatsapp Black Gold for this purpose. It allows you to send ninety images simultaneously rather than thirty as the standard format imposes. 


How to download Whatsapp Black Gold?

You can download Whatsapp Black Gold by installing its APK file from our website.

How to update Whatsapp Black Gold?

To update the application, you must uninstall the existing file and replace it with the updated one from our website.

Is Whatsapp Black Gold safe?

Whatsapp Black Gold is a safe application.

Is Whatsapp Black Gold banned?

No, the application is not banned.

How to install Whatsapp Black Gold on android?

By downloading its APK file from our site, you can install the app on your android.