Whatsapp Blue

Whatsapp Blue

If you are fed up with using the standard Whatsapp version, we have a perfect option for you. Whatsapp Blue lets you bring all the changes you ever wanted with the regular app. You will get everything from changing the display to downloading statuses with Whatsapp Blue.

Information Description
Name WhatsApp Blue
Description Modified version of WhatsApp with additional features and customization options
Developer Independent developers
Compatibility Android
Features Larger file sending, online status hiding, read receipt disabling
Security Use trusted sources, may pose security risks
Availability Not on Google Play, download APK from third-party sources
Support No official support or updates, use developer community or online forums

This stunning application is a Whatsapp alternative. It provides many additional factors along with the original ones; therefore, people adore this outstanding application due to its variety of elements. If you still have not used any variant, you will not regret downloading and installing Whatsapp Blue. The article will tell you everything you need to know about this adored app.

Why Should You Use Whatsapp Blue?

Before moving ahead and discussing the brilliant features of Whatsapp Blue, let’s first tell you why it is an indispensable application. The answer to why you should use Whatsapp Blue is straightforward. 

You can look at the following shortcomings of Whatsapp to understand the reason:

  1. Whatsapp likes retaining its same green theme. It means that it will not let you alter the display.
  2. The standard version does not want you to download anyone’s status. Therefore, you cannot save stories.
  3. It can quickly tell your contact whenever you are online. Several options like a blue tick, grey tick, writing, and recording statuses can give off your availability.
  4. It does not permit you to filter unwanted and unknown numbers. It means they can call you and disturb your privacy.
  5. The regular version does not allow you to send a data file of more than 16 MB. Therefore, you cannot send or receive a video, picture, or document of more than sixteen MB.
  6. It keeps the same old font style, meaning you cannot change it.
  7. It has limited background wallpapers.
  8. It does not provide you with more than one theme.
  9. Whatsapp does not permit you to send more than thirty pictures simultaneously.
  10. You cannot add more than a limited number of contacts to your chat group.

Whatsapp Blue

That is why Whatsapp fails and gives space for new and advanced applications like Whatsapp Blue. Therefore, if you want to avail yourself of all the features missing in the standard version, you should use this stunning application. Furthermore, all the fun elements Whatsapp Blue offers are absolutely free. No one will ask you to pay for any feature.

Distinctive Elements of Whatsapp Blue

Whatsapp Blue has many distinctive elements. This remarkable application gives all the factors the regular version fails to provide. That is why we call it a Whatsapp alternate or modded format. 

If you do not have experience using a modified form, you might be unaware of what you can do with these applications. Mods like Whatsapp Blue enhance your experience of using a simple communication app by proffering many fun factors like:

  • You can personalize and customize your display. Whatsapp Blue has a built-in theme store that offers hundreds of beautiful themes.
  • If you like blue, you will be happy to know that it has a blue interface.
  • The limit to send pictures, videos, and documents are enhanced. You can send a data file of more than 16 MB and up to 700 MB.
  • You can also receive or send more than thirty pictures at once.
  • The backup and restore option is more efficient and practical than the standard version. 
  • It has a media downloader that allows status downloading. This way, you can save anyone’s status quickly.
  • If you want to chat with an unsaved number, use Whatsapp Blue. This application lets you send messages to or call an unknown number.
  • Whatsapp cannot ban you if you are using Whatsapp Blue. Some other modded versions are prone to ban because they do not have an anti-ban system.
  • You can mask your online presence while using other applications like Facebook or Instagram.
  • You can refrain from a particular number calling you.
  • You can change the chat box background and use any image for this purpose. 

All the abovementioned features are available on a single platform. That is why you will love using this stunning application.


What is Whatsapp Blue?

Whatsapp Blue is a modified version Whatsapp with more features.

How to download Whatsapp Blue on android?

You can download Whatsapp Blue by installing its APK file from our website.

Is Whatsapp Blue legal?

Yes, Whatsapp Blue is legal for customers.

Is Whatsapp Blue available for iPhone?

Yes, Whatsapp Blue is available for iPhone.

Is it safe to use Whatsapp Blue?

Yes, Whatsapp Blue is safe for use.