Whatsapp Dark

WhatsApp Dark

Do not get deceived by the name. Eternal darkness has nothing to do with our adored application. Instead, it is named after the icon color is dark. Otherwise, you might see that the same kind of darkness gives you peace. We are telling you the truth both in philosophical and practical ways. You will get peace of mind after installing this outstanding application. It is because it eliminates all the flaws in the standard Whatsapp version.

It provides the most advanced features the indigenous version cannot afford. You will feel high flexibility and freedom while using Whatsapp Dark.

Attributes of Whatsapp Dark

Whatsapp Dark has many fun elements. It contains a number of distinguished factors that no other conventional communication application gives. The developers have taken the indigenous version and brought some changes to it.

These changes work in a way that:

  • Whatsapp Dark retains all the original elements of the standard version. For example, you can send or receive messages and make calls. You can also upload your photo, story, favorite quotation, or an adored video as your status. 
  • It gives additional and modernized features. For instance, you can feasibly download someone else’s status and block unknown numbers from calling you.

Due to the abovementioned points, people prefer this application to the standard version. You will also love using this stunning variant for the following reasons:

It Has a Dark Mode

Most people love the dark due to the mystery it offers. Furthermore, the dark mode also makes the display aesthetic and stunning. You can beautify your Whatsapp home screen by enabling dark mode. 

It will make your interface unique and distinguished. People will long to have the same theme whenever they see yours.

It Has a Straightforward Interface

The interface is an essential part of any application. If an app has a complicated interface, users cannot understand it well. They end up deleting the software. On the other hand, a simpler one makes everything easy.

Therefore, Whatsapp Dark comes with a straightforward interface. It can quickly be understood and learned, and there are no complications.

Whatsapp Dark

It Hides Blue Tick

A blue tick appears when you see someone’s message. This is a way to tell the sender that you have got their message. However, it has a big problem. When you do not want to reply to the person, you do not want them to know their content has been delivered.

Therefore, Whatsapp Dark gives you an opportunity to hide the blue tick. By masking the option, you can read anyone’s content without letting them know. 

It Masks Last Seen

Last seen is a way to tell anyone when you were active last time. Like a blue tick, it is also an annoying feature. It gives your contact an upper hand on you. For instance, if you are not in the mood to receive calls or reply to messages, you cannot do so.

They will promptly know you were online a minute ago and deliberately not answering their calls and messages. That is why Whatsapp Dark lets you mask the last scene and prevent anyone from knowing when you last used the application.

Make High-Quality Video Calls

Video calling has become a vital part of today’s communication world. There are many applications that offer video calling, for example, Skype. However, these apps can compromise picture quality if signals are weak.

If you use Whatsapp Dark, it will retain a high-quality video even if the signals are weak. This option is instrumental for people who live in an area where signal reception is not good. 

It Gives Flawless Security

Securing your private data has become indispensable in today’s world. There are several ways a person can infiltrate your personal area, breaching security. If they succeed in doing so, God forbids, they can use your personal info for mean reasons.

Hence, you need a communication app that gives you a satisfactory level of security, like Whatsapp Dark. It will guard your private chats and contents and not let anyone reach your personal space.


How to download Whatsapp Dark?

You can download Whatsapp Dark by installing its APK file from our website.

Is it safe to use Whatsapp Dark?

Whatsapp Dark is one hundred percent safe to use.

Is Whatsapp Dark banned?

No, Whatsapp Dark is not banned.

How to update Whatsapp Dark?

Uninstall the existing file>>visit our website>>download the updated APK file.

Is Whatsapp Dark free?

Whatsapp Dark is free to use.