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Whatsapp Go

We have some good news for you if you love Whatsapp variants more than Whatsapp itself. Today, we will tell you about another enchanting copy of Whatsapp. It has extra fun elements and reliability. 

Detail Description
App Name WhatsApp Go
Developer SAM
App Size 28 MB
Latest Version 0.21.11L
Price Free
Compatibility Android 4.4 and above
Features Customization, Privacy Options, Anti-Ban, Themes
Downloads 1 Million+

It will proffer you what any other alternative or indigenous version cannot. From high-profile privacy to robust security, you will get everything with Whatsapp Go.

Do you feel excited about knowing more about this enthralling version? If yes, keep reading. This article will tell you all the details about Whatsapp Go. 

Why Is It More Fun?

When we talk about a replacement, one question always arises in mids, “What does it offer more?” To find out a satisfying answer to the question, let’s ask a few more questions: 

  • Does Whatsapp give you more independence regarding its use?
  • Does the indigenous version proffer pliability in terms of personalization?
  • Does original copy help you mask your online presence?
  • Does the basic format let you download anyone’s status?
  • Does the usual type permit you to transfer more extensive data? 

Everyone knows the answer to all the above questions is a big no. Whatsapp does not let you relish these features. You have only a few characters to enjoy. These characters include:

  • Sending and receiving written content.
  • Audio calling over long distances.
  • Video calling with good quality.
  • Uploading your story in the form of status.
  • Contacting anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Apart from the above elements, the indigenous format has nothing to offer. So, you need WhatsApp Go to avail yourself of all the fun factors. 

Whatsapp Go

Original WhatsApp WhatsApp Go Mod
Can only be installed with the official package name from the app store Can be installed with a different package name
Limited themes and customization options Offers a wide range of themes and customization options
Allows sending up to 30 images at once Allows sending up to 90 images at once
Limited file-sharing size Offers larger file-sharing size
Limited privacy and security features Offers advanced privacy and security features
Limited status characters Offers more characters for status updates
Limited group participants Allows more group participants
No built-in lock feature Offers built-in lock feature
No in-app message scheduler Offers in-app message scheduler
No option for disabling forwarded message label Offers an option for disabling forwarded message label
No option for hiding online status Offers an option for hiding online status

Fun Factors of Whatsapp Go

We have already given you a hint about various fun factors of our beloved alternative. It provides all the amazing features that any other format lacks. You will fall in love with the remarkable application the minute you start using it. 

Let’s have a look at what we are talking about. 

  • No One Will Disturb You

You are playing your favorite game or watching a Hollywood thriller online. All of a sudden, someone calls you via Whatsapp. Someone whose call you cannot reject. It can be your boss from work or master from home (Meaning your wife). It is an annoying and disturbing situation. Your fun seems to be ruined by the call. 

If you have Whatsapp Go, you will not be bothered and maddened like this. It provides you with Do Not Disturb or DND mode. This mode allows you to shun a specific person’s call, and he or she will not be able to call you. 

  • Do Not Let Anyone Know 

Do you want to relish some moments of inclusion? Do you want to mask your online presence? Do you want no one can know about your availability? If the answer to all the questions is yes, you might not be able to do so using the original version. It gives away your existence in many ways.

However, Whatapp Go respects your desire to remain hidden. It will not let anyone know whether you are accessible or not. It is because you can mask all the elements that can tell about your availability, including the green circle, double tick, or blue ticks. 

  • Make Your Display Unique 

Whenever you open Whatsapp, the same green theme welcomes you. It has become a routine, and routines are always dull. But what can you do? The original version will not let you replace your existing standard theme. It is a limitation that no one likes.

At the same time, Whatsapp Go will not let this happen. It has numerous built-in themes. These themes vary from aesthetic to colorful. You can choose any theme from the store and beautify your interface. It will give your application a unique look. 

  • Send or Receive More and Larger Data 

Sending a more extensive video, picture, or file can be a headache using the standard version. Similarly, you are only able to share a few images at a time. Whatsapp has a restriction:

  • You cannot send or receive data of more than 16 MB
  • You cannot share more than 30 pictures. 

So, you are left with the only option, using Whatsapp variants. Our beloved application is also among these variants, which lets you share larger and more data. Now you can send or receive files of more than 16 MB and images up to 90. 

  • Save Anyone’s Status

Today everyone updates their status. Whenever you open the “Status” section, you get to watch several statuses uploaded by your contacts. Sometimes a status strikes you harder, and you want to save it. However, using the usual type, you cannot do so.

Whatsapp Go, on the other hand, permits you to download anyone’s status. What’s more remarkable is the person will never know you have downloaded his status. 


How to use Whatsapp Go?

You can use Whatsapp Go by downloading its APK file from our website.

How to update Whatsapp Go?

You can update Whatsapp Go by deleting the existing file and downloading an updated one from our site.

Is Whatsapp Go banned?

Whatsapp Go is not banned for customer use.

Is Whatsapp Go safe?

Whatsapp Go is safe when downloaded from a secured site like ours.