WhatsApp Go

WhatsApp Go

If you want to talk to someone without saving their number, then without any hesitation download this WhatsApp Go application on your mobile phone because it has unlimited features, so it is used by millions of people to communicate with their loved ones.

Information Description
Name WhatsApp Go
Description Third-party mod of WhatsApp with additional features and customization options
Developer Independent developers
Compatibility Android
Features Larger file sending, online status hiding, read receipt disabling
Security Not as secure as official WhatsApp, download from trusted sources
Availability Not on Google Play, download APK from third-party sources
Support No official support or updates, use developer community or online forums

The first feature among its many advantages is that you can chat with a number without saying it in your mobile contact list. Save your friends’ status and hide your online status from them. Also, turn off the double-click here so that you do not know that you have seen their messages.

About this app

If you want to chat with friends without saving your number in your contact list so quickly download on the website the downloading link is available for everyone completely free with just one tap in the end of this article, you do not know how to use and download in android devices so that read this article more beneficial for you even in the paragraph we tell about its easy downloading method just in five steps. This application was developed & published by Partner Wisuda in the google play store, to date it has 10+ Million over time downloads and even received 4.2+ positive ratings over five. Besides downloading only in 5.0 Mb does not cover your maximum space and also easily runs on android 4.4 or above.

Download & Install on Android Devices

This application downloading process is very easy because we provide its download link on this page, click and download on the website but when you click on the WhatsApp Go download link just wait only ten seconds. After opening the link click and download the required application file, when your file downloading process completes.

Open google chrome on devices and click on the top corner right side of three lines. Now press the three lines to click on the setting button then click the download file option and click the install option when your installation process completes, open this app on the display of the mobile screen and enjoy a lot of exciting features.

WhatsApp Go

What Can We Do In This Application

WhatsApp Go provides unlimited exciting features even though these all features are not available in the original Whatsapp application. In this application, you chat with friends without saving the number in the mobile phone contact list. The next option is status saver with the help of this save friends’ status and repose in your status. No limit for sending videos because these features do not give original WhatsApp so this application does not compare with other applications. Because it offers Lite Messengers, Status Saver, WA Cleaner, Application Shortcut, Call Recording, Video Splitter, Chats Lock, and Block Unknown Numbers.

Found in WhatsApp Go New Features

  • Hide Online Status and all Chats
  • Save friend’s statuses and repost easily 
  • Unlimited customized themes with wallpapers
  • No limits to images video sending sizes 
  • Possible for all friends to hide their online status
  • Write five hundred plus daily status 
  • Create unlimited groups for business & other works
  • Use without any problem privacy very secure and strong

Final Thought

In this article we describe WhatsApp Go with all its exciting features. The main reason it does not compare with others, is that it offers all steps and more functionality even video sending with no limit and photo sending, with WhatsApp status characters not limited. On our website, its modded versions are available for everyone completely free. Just after downloading our site you can use all features, hide online status, double click, save status, video making, for back reaction, and provide more high-quality stickers.


How to download WhatsApp Go application?

WhatsApp Go downloading link available on the site at the end of this article just one tap to download the latest version with all the exciting features even these features do not provide original WhatsApp. We provide the downloading link with an easy five-step read and enjoy a lot of features.

Really it costs 5.0 Mb on android?

Yes, WhatsApp Go is just five Mb cast in downloading, if you are interested in downloading we added this application link for everyone very helpful for you in communication secrate ways.

How to Hide Online Status & WhatsApp Go Chats?

First of all click on the right-side top corner three dots, then open the settings and click on the privacy and security option. After this show hides option then required all hide, online status, chats, double click, and other more.