WhatsApp Indigo

WhatsApp Indigo

WhatsApp is a straightforward tool used for communication and data sharing. Now because of its limited features, liking customized versions is increased. WhatsApp Indigo has improved security & privacy features. Its developer focused on its display with bright colors. WhatsApp Indigo, a modified version of Official WhatsApp, is based on GB WhatsApp. With this MOD version, we can hide our online activities, download statuses, anti-delete statuses & messages, send large files, and much more. Its specialty is its attractive Interface. We can customize it using themes, logos, fonts, and styles. It is a secure version with an Anti-ban function.

Feature Original WhatsApp WhatsApp Indigo
Interface Limited customization options Highly customizable with themes, fonts, and styles
Security/Privacy Basic features Improved security options and Anti-ban function
Functionality Basic features Additional features like larger file sharing
Availability Widely available Must be downloaded from third-party sources
Developer WhatsApp Inc. Unknown third-party developers

A Touch-Based Color, Indigo

WhatsApp Indigo has a touch based on the color of Indigo between Violet and Blue. It has similar features to OGWhatsApp, WhatsAppPlus, and YOWhatsApp.

Lock Personal Chat

Users can stay away from others for their private data or messaging. You can lock your chats with its provided lock function. Now you can share your mobile with others without any tension about the safety of personal data. It is because of this lock function.

Multiple Files & Documents sharing

Now you can send large files of images and videos up to 1GB. This MOD version provides a great facility to share such large files for private or business purposes. You can also share PDF, ZIP, Word, or Excel files. The increased limit of the image file is 100 MB. 

Large Videos & Stories

With the Official version of WhatsApp, you can set your video status only for 30 seconds, and the writing character limit is 139. With WhatsApp Indigo, you can post your video status of 7 minutes and 256 characters writing to express your views better. 

Privacy Management

You can enable several functions to secure your privacy in this mode. You can set many features such as; hiding your last seen, freezing online status, hiding blue & second tick, and hiding profile pictures from all contacts or particular contacts. All these functions provide you with a great feeling of relaxation during working online.

App Locks

This MOD has a helpful system of lock functions. Now you can lock your App with different types of locks. You can set your pin code or Password for various functions. Fingerprint can be enabled in this App for foolproof security. A great surety is provided to you by WhatsApp Indigo.

WhatsApp Indigo

Attractive Interface Designing

Compared to the Original one, the Interface of WhatsApp Indigo is modified to an attractive & soft look. It has a variety of beautiful themes, fonts, styles, and icon colors to make it more attractive than the original one. Users can handle it in an easy way to hide icons and alter the chat backdrop color and notification control quickly. 

Security from Hacking & Ban

The Modified version of WhatsApp has an Anti-ban technology that secures your account not to ban anyway. Now you don’t need to worry about the ban option or to lose your important data. There are secure functions related to viruses and hackers to remain safe for its users.

More Characteristics

This MOD version presents many other essential functions, such as;

Lightweight App

 It consumes less storage to download and run.

Multiple Accounts

 Handling more than one account can be handled with this App.

Group Formation

You can form a group of 300 people.

Audio/Video Calls

You can make audio or video calls to individuals or groups.


Use this function, especially for business purposes.

Images sending

You can send 90 images at once with no difficulty.

App Icon App

The icon & Name can be modified here to your preference.

Emojis & Stickers

More Emojis and Stickers are provided here to use & enjoy. 

Copy Messages

You can copy two messages and remove the date and name to purify the message.

WhatsApp Indigo

Status View

You can enable/disable the status function according to your work schedule.


You can use more themes to modify your display and other screen settings.

Anti-delete status

You can view the status of your contacts that are deleted by them. 

Anti-Revoke Messages

You can read the messages that are deleted by your contacts and even reply to them to enjoy the situation.

Lethargic Emojis

You can remove the slow-working Emojis that are affecting your app’s credibility.   

Maintain High-Quality Images

This MOD App sends files with the same quality without reducing its credibility.

Final Thinking

If you are searching for a MOD version with great features to satisfy you in all aspects, go through WhatsApp Indigo. It is a jam-packed App with a beautiful display, enjoying Emojis & Stickers, multiple account functionality, and much more. It provides a pleasant experience with protected operatory mechanics. You can download this MOD version with the provided link on our website without spending money.


What is WhatsApp Indigo?

WhatsApp Indigo is a modded App of Official WhatsApp with extra features.

Is WhatsApp Indigo a safe version for Android users?

It is quite safe because it is free from all harmful elements. It has followed all safety rules and regulations to eliminate threats, malware, and viruses.

Where can I download WhatsApp Indigo?

you cannot download it from the Google Play store. All third-party developers provide a link to download it safely, free of cost.

Do you cost any money to use themes in this App?

No, you can use all its functions without spending money.