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Whatsapp Lite 

There is no doubt that Whatsapp Messenger is a requisite application in today’s world. It lets you communicate quickly and feasibly. It has put an end to our dependency on a cellular network. It is also a cheaper way of communique. Compared to traditional calling, calls via Whatsapp are a lot more economical. 

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Updated on Oct 28, 2019
Requires Android 4.0.3 and up
Downloads 1,000,000+ downloads
Content rating Everyone
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Released on Feb 10, 2019
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However, it has specific problems we will discuss later in this article. There is no way to overcome these issues using the standard version. It has no pliability regarding several mechanics. You are always stuck with the same elements that were proffered initially. There is no room for new ones. 

Therefore, today people are turning their heads toward Whatsapp lite. It is more practical, upscale, and nimble than the regular version. 

Why Whatsapp Lite:

Apart from the typical format, there are dozens of modded variants of Whatsapp as well. Then the question arises, why should someone prefer Whatsapp Lite to the original or the modified versions? 

As mentioned earlier, the standard Whatsapp has some severe issues which cannot be resolved using the same application. If we compare the indigenous type with Whatsapp lite, we find the following flaws in the usual version: 

  1. Whatsapp is a relatively heavier version. It takes up a lot of space.
  2. It keeps on running in the background and consuming your precious data. 
  3. Similarly, it exerts a lot of pressure on your device’s battery.
  4. Even when not in use, it keeps exhausting your phone’s charging. 
  5. It requires a more powerful reception or network for you to communicate with your adored ones. 

Whatsapp Lite

These issues can be resolved using Whatsapp Lite. 

Distinctive Elements of Whatsapp Lite :

You may have already guessed some features you will get from Whatsapp Lite. Let’s discuss all these distinctive elements of Whatsapp Lite. 

  • It Is Lighter 

One of the most loved features of Whatsapp Lite is it is lighter than its counterparts. It does not take up much space and runs very smoothly. You will not face any issues regarding memory. 

  • It Does Not Run In the Background 

Heavier apps have an annoying habit of running in the background. This can be very damaging to your battery. It not only drains your charging faster but affects its lifetime as well. The same is the case with the standard Whatsapp version. Therefore, Whatsapp Lite is better. It does not run in the background, thus keeping your battery from exhausting quickly. 

  • It can Be Used In a Weaker Connection. 

We have already established that the regular version requires more data for messaging or calling. You need a mightier network connection for this purpose. At the same time, Whatsapp Lite does not do so. It has a minor requirement in terms of internet speed. So, you can send or receive messages and make calls even with a weaker connection. 

  • It Consumes Fewer Data

Whatsapp Lite is very affordable in terms of data consumption. Like battery charging, it only drains a little data. Two facts contribute to this facility:

  1. It does not run in the background.
  2. It needs low reception. 
Features Description
Lightweight Smaller version of Whatsapp for low-end/budget smartphones with limited storage.
Data usage Uses less data than standard Whatsapp for users with limited data plans/slow internet.
Basic interface Simple and straightforward interface with faster load times.
Limited features Offers essential messaging and calling features, but lacks advanced features.
Quick installation Download and install quickly due to smaller size.
Battery efficient Optimized to use less battery power for longer battery life.

Due to the above factors, Whatsapp Lite is considered more inexpensive than the original version. 

  • It Masks The Last Scene 

You might think as lighter as it is, you would not get much out of Whatsapp Lite. However, it is not the case. Whatsapp Lite enhances your experience regarding space, reception, and battery without compromising on the features. Therefore, it proffers Whatsapp’s most demanded factor, “Hide Last Scene.” No one will be able to know when you were online last time. 

  • It Lets You Alter the Display 

Do you not want the same old Whatsapp interface? Then our adored app can help you. With Whatsapp Lite, you can now modify and beautify your chatting interface. You can give it any shape with a number of cool backgrounds. 

  • It Permits You to Save Statuses 

Whatsapp Lite APK version comes with another remarkable factor. It enables you to avail yourself of any status you want. With a single tap, you can download anyone’s status. 


How to use Whatsapp Lite?

You can use Whatsapp Lite by downloading and installing its APK file from our website.

How to update Whatsapp Lite?

Delete existing version>download the latest version from our site>install

Is Whatsapp Lite banned?

No, Whatsapp Lite is not banned.

Is Whatsapp Lite safe?

Yes, Whatsapp Lite is absolutely safe to use.