WhatsApp MA

WhatsApp MA

WhatsApp is a standard in which you cannot change their features, but WhatsApp MA is the modified version of simple whatsapp that contains many features that are not available in simple whatsapp.

Information Details
Developer Facebook, Inc.
Initial Release January 2009
Latest Stable Release Version 2.22.16 (Android), Version 2.22.21 (iOS) – as of September 2021
Operating System Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS
Language support Over 60 languages
Features Messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing, voice messaging, group chat, end-to-end encryption, status updates
Users Over 2 billion active users worldwide as of February 2020
Ownership Acquired by Facebook in February 2014 for US$19.3 billion
Revenue model Free to use, but may display advertisements or offer paid features in the future

WhatsApp MA increases the fun of chatting, and you can change each setting option according to your preferences. There are many font sizes, stylish wallpapers, hide contacts chats, and create different colours for specific persons. You do not need to worry about the harmful effects of APK files because we modify simple whatsapp into the best whatsapp with complete protection.

Inventive Characteristics of WhatsApp MA

WhatsApp MA does not come with essential features; it contains all the features you find in any other app. When you switch from ordinary WhatsApp to WhatsApp MA, it’s your best delicious because you can change each setting as you want. Here are the complete details of each feature and with simple instruction that helps you to understand how to make changes;

  • Rich Colors of Fonts & Wallpapers

In simple whatsapp, it is impossible to change anything you do not like, and you can change the fonts, wallpaper and stickers, which is impossible with simple whatsapp. Many suggestions are available according to your massages, and you can change the colour, shape and size of fonts and stickers.

  • Manageable all options of setting

In the setting of WhatsApp MA, you can manage all the options of your whatsapp. Simple instructions are available when you use any prospect for the first time, which helps you understand this app’s layout. You can change with any option; another person can never know about this.

  • Send & Receive Every Format Media

There are no limits for large or short files for any media files; you can send and receive any files within no time with the best quality. These aspects are discussed below:

  1. Documents: Files of any format are open through this app, and you can send large documents in seconds. The file you send or receive from everyone is the same. 
  2. Links: WhatsApp MA sends and receives links without making any changes in the links you can open with one click. There is a separate link option; you can search for any link quickly.
  3. Media: This folder is available in every chat, and you can save or delete the chat just media or without the press of the person. Users of WhatsApp MA can even start their important messages, which are permanently deleted if you want.

WhatsApp MA

Hide view option

Hide view is the most incredible feature of WhatsApp MA, allowing you to hide from others. You can open the hide option that shows any other person that you watch their status or read messages. The hidden view feature can show you everything about other people, but others never know.

Download large files in seconds

If you have an unstable or low internet connection, then WhatsApp MA is for you because you can quickly send or receive large files. You can even type the format you want to send or open the file on your device. You can open the option to download, which limits files automatically.

Customize display setting

In simple WhatsApp, when you send a message, there is a single tick, and when any other person receives a message, then a double tick. You can customize these icons with many different icons like flowers, hearts, different emojis or any other option. You can change options in the display setting and do specific colours for particular persons.

Mute notification of specific people

You can mute or unmute notifications for specific Persian, and it also allows you to hide messages for a particular person or select an icon for one person.

Impressive Theme Store

There is a different theme store; you can create and pick a suggested theme from the setting, which applies to the entire whatsapp setting. You can query with the name of your choice and get the results for your relevant articles.

Why do you have to download WhatsApp MA from here?

WhatsApp MA is safe and takes care of users’ privacy. Any person or employee of the developers does not read your messages. So without any worry, download WhatsApp MA from the below download button and get the latest version of WhatsApp MA.


What is WhatsApp MA?

WhatsApp MA is the modified version of simple WhatsApp, which provides easy-to-read and delete messages, stylish fonts, and end-to-end privacy. Users can hide contacts and create a beautiful look on your WhatsApp.

How can I install WhatsApp MA?

Visit our Website and enter your name on WhatsApp MA.
Download the app with one click of the download button
The installation process completes in seconds
Then add your number and enjoy your WhatsApp

Is it safe to download WhatsApp MA?

If you download WhatsApp MA from any website, it may hack your personal information and harm your privacy. That's why if you want to download WhatsApp MA from our Website, it is safe and does end-to-end privacy.

Why is WhatsApp MA not on Play Store?

Play Store requires an authentic security and privacy license, but WhatsApp MA does not follow Google Rules. Google's official store does not keep such applications, and you can download them from APK websites and enjoy chatting with WhatsApp MA.

Is there a hidden mode in WhatsApp, MA?

Yes, there is a hidden setting option to hide your contacts for specific people. Chats & call notifications are not shown in the chat list.