WhatsApp MD

WhatsApp MD

As you know, there are a lot of modified versions of WhatsApp official. There are many amazing & unique features in MOD versions that are not available in the Original one. Here we will discuss a Modified version named WhatsApp MD for Android users. WhatsApp MD is primarily designed for a new outlook with the same features. It is an elegant design that is improved for the aesthetics and animation of the Application.

Category Information
Name WhatsApp MD
Type WhatsApp mod for Android
Features Improved aesthetics, customization options, enhanced privacy
Developer Unknown
Availability Not on Google Play Store, download from third-party sites
Security Use at your own risk
Popularity Popular among some users

Users cannot include the other menu and run on the same settings. Users can enjoy the featured animation and aesthetics. The interface appearance is changed here with an attractive look. It is easy to use and provides a comfort zone to work and enjoys. 

Similar Apps to WhatsApp MD

These MOD versions are the same in features like WhatsApp MD. AR WhatsApp, Blue WhatsApp, KB WhatsApp, AN WhatsApp, and Pink WhatsApp. 

Extraordinary Characteristics

This MOD App has some remarkable features that are rare in any other App of, WhatsApp. Here we discuss them in detail.

Elegant Appearance of Interface

This MOD has the same features as the new design of outlook. You can experience another level of its beauty. It looks lovely when you use its interface. You will enjoy working here just because of its aesthetic features.

Improved Emojis Collection

Users can better express their emotions with its improved emoticons. There are a lot of new artistic designs of emojis that you can use to show more relevance to your feelings. The usage of this collection is an exciting experience for users of this MOD App.

Put Stars & Pin

If you want to separate your important messages, you can put a star mark or pin to that message. You will find it easily with a star-mark list.

Dual Accounts on the Same Device

You do not need any extra mobile to use this app or to uninstall the previous app. you can use both apps on the same mobile without any technical issues. You can separate it for personal and professional use.

WhatsApp MD

Impressive Chatting Background

The App presents new themes & Wallpapers to customize your features. You can set your chatting background with these images. You can feel more relaxed and joyful with the attractive texting atmosphere. 

Free & User-Friendly App

Its Interface has been designed very simply. Users feel no difficulty performing any task here. It is free of cost App. Its features are so easy to use, like Original WhatsApp. A child can also use it easily; that’s why it is so prevalent online.

Schedule your Messages

If you have a forgetful mind and usually miss essential tasks, this App allows you to perform your duties with its scheduler messages. You can create messages to send on fixed dates & times. You are prevented from annoying situations.

Privacy Functions

Like all other MOD versions, WhatsApp MD is also a safe and secure App. On official WhatsApp, you are banned temporarily because of some unusual reasons. But on this platform, your account is safe with its Anti-ban service. Many other features are here to make your activities confidential. 

  • Freeze your online status 
  • Hide the delivery of messages to disable the blue Tick
  • Hide you’re last seen to prevent your online working anytime 
  • Activate DND mode to keep you online with no interference
  • Enable your status to show to specific persons

Increased Data Sharing

In this MOD data sharing, the limit is increased. You can share 90 images with any contact or group. The video size and status statement are also raised here. Now you can easily send longer videos to your contacts.

Voice Messages

Voice notes are also easy to send to your family and friends to save you time typing a long text. A quick way of communicating with anyone is a voice message. 

Backup & security

If you lose some essential data from your device, you can restore it from its backup option. No one can steal your data with its security features in this MOD app. It has an Anti-virus service, so you are safe from all types of viruses and malware.

Other Features

  • Anti-Delete function
  • Instant reactions with Emojis, Stickers, and GIFs
  • Create your statement for an automatic reply
  • Availability of encrypted data
  • Enable block option for promotional calls and ads
  • Regular updates
  • Copy and download statuses from contacts

Final Verdicts

WhatsApp MD is an easy app to use. Its appearance is elegant to attract users. All its functions are easy to use. Its features are designed with aesthetics. No, hassle while using this App. Just downloads it free of cost with the provided link on this website.


How look the Interface of WhatsApp MD?

The interface of WhatsApp MD looks elegant & attractive to its users.

Is WhatsApp MD secure & legal?

The app is 100 % secure & legal with all legal procedures for Android users.

How do I download WhatsApp MD?

To download this MOD version, click the link provided here.

Do I need to uninstall the previous WhatsApp?

No, you can use the same setting for this MOD App, no need to uninstall the previous version.