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Whatsapp Mix 2023

Despite proffering several necessary features, the standard Whatsapp Version lacks many vital things. For example, you cannot hide your online presence and cannot see deleted content. Furthermore, it also does not permit you to download the statuses.

App Name Whatsapp Mix
Version Latest Version
Size 42 MB
Requirements 4.1 and up
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Genre Whatsapp Mod

These are only a few shortcomings of the regular version. There are more voids to be filled. So, how to overcome all the hurdles? The solution to these problems is only modded versions. That is why you can avail yourself of several Whatsapp variants today. 

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Whatsapp Mix is among those variants. It provides customers with all those factors absent in the typical format. 

Differences between Whatsapp and Whatsapp Mix:

When do people require a modded version of an original application? It happens when they cannot get everything they need with the indigenous format. That is why Whatsapp has many variants, including Whatsapp Mix, today.

It has many distinctions regarding several properties. For example:

  1. As compared to the standard version, you can mask your online presence.
  2. You can personalize your home screen and avail yourself of any theme. 
  3. You will have an evolved level of privacy with Whatsapp Mix.
  4. Chats can be more fun and protected using this variant.
  5. There are no limitations in this alternative as opposed to the standard version. 
  6. Status can be long using Whatsapp Mix.
  7. Others’ statuses can quickly be downloaded.
  8. You can share extensive videos; the limit is more than the regular version offers.
  9. You can also send or receive more photos at once. On the other hand, Whatsapp permits only 30 images at a time. 
  10. If your contact uploads a status in written format, you can easily copy-paste it. 
  11. The 3D style of the app adds to its superiority over Whatsapp and other modded forms. 
  12. There are minimal glitches and bugs.
  13. Hackers have to lowest possibility of reaching your area. 
  14. No one can break into your private chats. 

It is fascinating to get all the above features with a single application. That is what makes Whatsapp Mix distinctive from its counterparts. 

Discussion of Some Vital Factors:

You might have gotten a little idea about how Whatsapp Mix can make communication feasible. There are hundreds of elements that distinguish our adored alternative from Whatsapp. Let’s discuss a few of them: 

  • Camouflage

You must have heard about cricket. The animal camouflages itself, so no one can tell if it is there. It seems like something out of a fantasy movie for human beings. However, the Whatsapp mix can turn this fantasy into reality. 

You can camouflage your online presence using this variant. It will be like only you will know that you are present there. The person sending you messages, trying to call you, or struggling to reach you will never know about your availability. 

  • Beautification 

Everyone loves beauty regarding personality, environment, and even the digital world. That is why routine always dulls human beings. This also happens with the standard Whatsapp version. You cannot beautify or modify the interface. 

However, Whatsapp mix also excels in this regard. It permits you to glamorize and garnish your display screen on Whatsapp. You can avail yourself of dozens of built-in themes, backgrounds, and wallpapers free of cost. 

  • Seclusion 

Seclusion is a vital requirement for human beings. Even some animals love to be left alone sometimes. It gives them a sense of power over their life. Unfortunately, the internet world has snatched our right to remain private. For example, the regular Whatsapp version can give away your online presence, and anyone can reach you. 

Keeping in view this vital necessity of their users, Whatsapp Mix has a secure privacy system. It masks blue and double ticks, and the caller will also not know if you are available. 



  1. Statuses 

What would you do if you wanted to download someone’s status? The answer is straightforward you can do nothing with the standard Whatsapp version. 

However, with Whatsapp Mix, you can feasibly download and utilize others’ statuses. What’s more enchanting is they will not know that you have gotten their story. 


How do I install Whatsapp Mix on Whatsapp?

Go to web browser>>install APK file from our site>>transfer Whatsapp to Whatsapp Mix.

How to install Whatsapp Mix on Android?

You need to download the Whatsapp Mix APK file for the installation.

How to add stickers on Whatsapp Mix?

Open Whatsapp>>visit the sticker section>>tap on +>>download.

How to hide online on Whatsapp Mix?

You can mask your online presence by tapping on the three-dot menu and selecting Hide Online Status.