WhatsApp Prime

WhatsApp Prime

Are you getting bored with the simple interface and limited features of WhatsApp? If yes, then try the latest MOD Version WhatsApp Prime. It has premium features that are not available in the original WhatsApp. WhatsApp Prime is one of the best-modified versions. It is based on GB WhatsApp with all the features present in the original GB WhatsApp. It offers complete privacy as well as security features to its Android users. The user feels more secure with WhatsApp Prime.

WhatsApp Prime General Information
Definition A modified version of the WhatsApp messenger application
Features Includes additional features such as customization options, privacy features, and more
Availability WhatsApp Prime is not an official WhatsApp product and is not available on official app stores
Installation It can be downloaded from third-party websites and installed manually
Compatibility It works on both Android and iOS devices
Security As WhatsApp Prime is not an official app, there may be security risks associated with its use
Updates The app may not receive regular updates like the official WhatsApp app
Legal Status Using WhatsApp Prime may be in violation of WhatsApp’s terms of service and could lead to account suspension or other consequences

Difference between WhatsApp Prime and Official WhatsApp

As it is based on the original GB WhatsApp, so it has all the basic features of GB WhatsApp. You all know very well that Official WhatsApp has few features with a simple interface and can’t fulfill all needs of users. So WhatsApp Prime is the best choice for you to adopt. 

Why WhatsApp Prime?

Each person in this world is never satisfied and wants more. For WhatsApp users, the latest modified version of WhatsApp Prime is a gift from third-party developers with exclusive features. It has many unique features such as; video calling, invite links for calls, privacy & security, large-sized data transferring, and many more. Android users must use this MOD Version.

Latest Advanced Features

WhatsApp Prime has the latest premium features for its users. We will discuss its main features in detail, and the rest are highlighted in bullets.

Latest Interface

WhatsApp Prime has many new themes in the setting so that users can customize its interface with them. Wallpapers and different background images are also available here to make a new look for the interface. Users can change their font style, size, and color to make the front screen different & beautiful.

Preview Media File before Downloading

Now you don’t need to download everything that is sent to you. You can preview it before downloading the entire file. This is a unique feature that WhatsApp Prime presents to its users. 

Disable Replying

If you want only one-way communication, this is possible via WhatsApp Prime. You can disable replies to messages to your contacts. If you send anything by mistake, this will prevent you from replying.

Disable/Enable Call Option

To avoid mistakes, you can set this option as per your need. You can disable or enable the call button when you need and remain secure from all happenings.

WhatsApp Prime

Download Other’s Status

Now with the latest features of WhatsApp Prime, you can download the status of your contacts. You can copy any particular person’s status and paste it on your status.

Maintain High-Quality Images

This modified version provides you with the facility of quality sharing of images. Whether you send any image or receive it, the quality of the image will remain the same. It can transfer high-quality images can be transferred now.

Anti-Revoke service for Messages & Status

It is a great feature of WhatsApp prime that you can now read the deleted messages or statuses sent by your contacts. If someone sends you a message and deletes it before you read it, then no need to irritate. You can have access to all deleted items.


WhatsApp Prime has an excellent feature for its users. There are many things special that you can enjoy a lot. You can customize all the settings with its great collection. There are Themes, wallpapers, background images, color icons, font style & size, and many more to change for your satisfaction. You can customize your phone appearance as beautifully as you want. 

Privacy Options

WhatsApp Prime presents great privacy functions for its user. You can hide all your activities while being online. You can hide your online status, profile picture, last seen, and received messages to hide the blue or second tick, typing, and recording from everyone.

Support Different Emoji Variants

WhatsApp prime presents a variety of its own Emojis. You don’t need to download any emoji from anywhere. This App supports different variants, i.e., Twitter, Emoji One, Facebook, Android N, iOS 9 Flat, and Emoji variants. Users can change the icon of their WhatsApp Prime for a better appearance.

More Highlighted Features

  • Large video size, 70 MBs  
  • File transfer option 300+ file
  • Anti-Ban function
  • DND Mode (Don’t Disturb Mode)
  • Auto Backup Recovery
  • Create Group
  • Regular Updates
  • Increase the limit of characters
  • Light weighted App in size


WhatsApp prime is a modified version with extra features. It is based on GB WhatsApp. It is known as WhatsApp Transparent Prime. All its features are amazing and facilitate you to work on online tasks. You can enjoy it a lot with its wonderful features. Just download this MOD version from our website and start working with ease.


What is WhatsApp Prime APK?

WhatsApp Prime APK is a MOD Version of the Official WhatsApp created by a third-party developer.

How can WhatsApp Prime be Updated?

Keep visiting our website and update your old version with the latest updates here.

Is WhatsApp Prime safe for video calls?

Yes, this version is end-to-end encrypted and prevents calls from being recorded.

How to change the WhatsApp home screen wallpaper on an android phone?

Tap options>settings>chats>wallpaper. Tap, change, and select from the images.

Is WhatsApp Prime based on GB WhatsApp?

Yes, it is based on GB WhatsApp. All features are the same as the original GB WhatsApp.