WhatsApp X

WhatsApp X

When we talk about popular social media Apps, we observe that no one can beat the popularity of WhatsApp. Many MOD versions of Official WhatsApp have been launched because the Official version needs to offer complete services to its users. One of the best MOD versions is WhatsApp X. it is a light weighted version suitable for older devices with less storage. It is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. Its features are smooth to work within the less storage device. WhatsApp X is based on Soula GB WhatsApp with a different interface.

General Information WhatsApp X
Developer Facebook
Initial Release Date Unknown
Operating System Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, Tizen, KaiOS
License Proprietary
Available in Multiple languages
Type Instant messaging, voice and video calls
Encryption End-to-end encryption
Maximum Group Members 256
File Sharing Capabilities Images, videos, audio files, documents, location sharing
Latest Version Unknown
User Base Over 2 billion active users worldwide

We can call it the SOULA Lite. As with other MOD versions, it also has many best-performing features. It has excellent privacy functions, security, customization, and much more features for its users. Its base is taken from GB WhatsApp and looks like an IOS device. 

Other WhatsApps like WhatsApp X

It is based on some existing WhatsApps such as GB WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus. It has a graphical interface designed like IOS. IOS lovers like it and can use it on Android devices. 

Important Features

Some important features are improved in this MOD version as compared to Official WhatsApp. 

Extended File Size

Using this MOD version, users can send large videos to their contacts. Users can send up to 256 MBs of video for personal or professional use. The audio file size is also increased from 16 MB to 100 MB. Image sharing is also extended for its users. 

Access to Deleted Data

With its Anti-Revoke function, users can access the deleted data from their contacts. You need not bother with this situation. Any message, audio, video, or status that any of your contacts deletes after sending, you can watch all these with this function. 

Enlarged Video Status

In Original WhatsApp, you can post a video status only for 30 seconds. This MOD has offered you to post a video status for an hour which is a great facility for its users. 

Chatting with Unsaved Numbers

With this MOD version’s features, you can chat with unsaved numbers. You do not need to save each number in your contact list. You can now do messaging without saving the numbers.

Anti-Ban Function

You can now use this version without considering any ban option for your account. Your account is safe because it had an Anti-Ban service provided to its users. Official WhatsApp accounts are often banned temporarily or permanently, and users are worried about the data. Now you can use this version feeling secure and safe about your important data.

WhatsApp X

Hide Personal Chat

You can hide your chat with different locks. If you want to hide any personal conversation from others, you can lock it with a pin code or pattern which only you know how to open. The leakage of data fear is minimized in this version. 

Privacy Functions

More features related to your privacy are presented in this modified version of WhatsApp. You can hide all of your tasks while being online from your contacts. You can work smoothly to enable these functions in your setting. 

  • Enable blue tick after reply
  • Hide your online status to disable the function on any of your contacts
  • Enable flight mode to avoid disturbance of receiving messages & calls
  • Hide your second tick to show to your contacts for the later time
  • Enable the last-seen function to maintain your privacy
  • Hide the mic, typing, and even recording tasks from your contacts

Status Downloader

You can download the status from your contacts within the App. You need no other extra App to download the statuses. You can save the status to your phone gallery to watch later or to share with others. 

Modification Functions

With this MOD version, you can change many settings to make your phone appearance elegant. There are a lot of themes in the theme store provided by the App. You can customize your texting wall, background images, and any outlook functionality using these themes. You can also use its sticker collection for customization.

Remove Forwarded Tags

If you want to use any image or a video from your inbox gallery and want to show your creativity, you can remove the tags over it. You will save yourself from any annoying situation by forwarding others’ data. 

Final Words

Like other MOD versions, it is also free to download. It is based on Soula WhatsApp, also called SOULA LITE. Its main quality is that you can use it on your older device with less storage. The chat lock option is great for remaining safe with your data. You can download this MOD on our website free of cost.


Is WhatsApp X safe to use?

Yes, using this MOD version is 100% safe because it has an Anti-ban service that protects your account from being banned.

Can you face any threats while using WhatsApp X?

No, it does not contain malicious coding, so you never face any threats or other security-related issues.

Why is WhatsApp X so popular?

It is much lighter than other MOD versions. It consumes less space to use, that’s why more people like it.