WhatsGold Apk Download latest Version for Android


There is no doubt that Whatsapp is the best communication app today. It has been mesmerizing people around the world since its release in 2009. Everyone who owns a smartphone has this application. Now, you can also find this stunning application already installed on your new cellular phone.

However, it is also true that Whatsapp is unsuitable for use. It has not changed its formats at a bigger scale and does not allow the customers to avail of more features. All these flaws have led to the creation of modified versions like WhatsaGold.


WhatsGold is a modded format of the original application. It proffers dozens of new fun elements while retaining all the original features. That is why you will find people talking about it. 

  • Attributes of WhatsGold 

You are probably thinking about the fun factors that WhatsGold provides. You might be familiar with some elements if you have already used a modified Whatsapp version. However, our adored application gives more than that.

You will find the following attributes of WhatsGold amusing and practical.

  • Anti-Erase System

You cannot revive what has already been deleted in the original version of Whatsapp. It does not allow the users to see, read, or watch the erased contents, whether in the form of words, pics, documents, or videos.

However, if you have something to read that has already been deleted, WhatsGold is the best option. It has an anti-revoke system that does not let the sender delete content. That is why you will be able to see what was not meant for you. 

  • Schedule Messaging 

Schedule messaging is another unique feature of WhatsGold. It is a straightforward mechanism that lets the users schedule a message. This way, you will not miss sending an essential note at a particular time.

At the same time, the original version does not let you send scheduled content. That can be a big problem, primarily if you work in a digital atmosphere. 

  • Personalization 

If you are more of a “My Whatsapp, My roles” person, this feature is meant for you. Utilizing the factor, you can give your Whatsapp interface any shape you want. Our stunning application comes with a built-in store containing countless themes. These themes are free of charge, and you can apply any of them anytime. 

This will make your display unique. You cannot get the facility while using the standard format. It was made green and seemed to be staying this way forever.

  • Lock Chats

Do you want to guard your private data? Do you wish to lock the whole application or a particular chat? Then worry not. Download and install WhatsGold, and you will be able to do so. It has a locker to secure your private data from a security breach. 

The regular version of Whatsapp failed to provide this level of security. That’s why anyone who knows your phone lock pattern, pin, or password can access your personal space. 

  • Group Calling

Making a group of family or friends has never been that easy. Now, with our remarkable application, you can feasibly create a group containing a more significant number of contacts. You can chat with the group member or even make a voice or video call.


This feature is also indispensable in today’s technology and the internet world. This way, you can arrange meetings and interviews and notify a particular group of people about certain things.

  • No Disturbance 

It is annoying that anyone can call you at any time. One cannot always be in the mood to receive a call or answer a total stranger. However, they keep on calling you, and Whatsapp continues allowing them.

On the other hand, if you use WhatsGold, you can get rid of the problem. The Do Not Disturb, or DND mode, prevents unwanted callers from ringing you.

  • Listen Before You Send

Sometimes, our mind is occupied, and we send a wrong voice note to the receiver. It can put us in trouble and make us ashamed. However, this problem can also be solved using WhatsGold.

This app lets you listen to your audio note before pressing the send button. This way, if you have mistakenly included some undesired words, you can again record the message.


What is WhatsGold?

WhatsGold is a Whatsapp variant that comes with several features.

How to install WhatsGold?

You can install WhatsGold by downloading its APK file from our site.

Is WhatsGold banned?

WhatsGold is not banned.

Is WhatsGold safe?

Yes, WhatsGold is a safe application.