YC Whatsapp

YC Whatsapp

If you want to hide the two blue ticks while chatting on WhatsApp, then YC Whatsapp is the best version. In this WhatsApp, you can hide the online and the last seen. The previous seen does not appear on the YC WhatsApp. Others need help seeing you online when you are online on WhatsApp. But on simple WhatsApp, online is mentioned below the name of chatter when chatter is online.

General Information YC Whatsapp
Founded 2009
Founders Jan Koum, Brian Acton
Headquarters Menlo Park, California, United States
Parent Company Facebook, Inc.
Type of Business Messaging application
Platforms Supported Android, iOS, Windows Phone, macOS, Windows PC
Number of Users 2 billion active users (as of February 2020)
Revenue Model Freemium – Free to use, but offers in-app purchases and advertising
Competitors Telegram, Signal, WeChat, Line, Viber, Facebook Messenger

App Info

  • The full app name is YC WhatsApp.
  • The version of YC WhatsApp is 5.1.0
  • The field size of YC WhatsApp is 21MB
  • The android version required to use YC Whatsapp is 5.0+ 
  • The app was updated about 1 minute

Downloading Status

On YC WhatsApp, you can download the following status items. 


You can download the status videos easily with just a single click. The video quality will be as original as updated on WhatsApp.


Download the status photo on YC WhatsApp. Go to the status and click on the download arrow to download it in the original quality.


You can copy the status text on YC WhatsApp. Text may be poetry lines, information text, etc. copy the text as same as it was updated.

Sending feature

Send any video, image, or text message to anyone on this WhatsApp. The receiver will receive the video quality as it was while sending. 

Increase forward limit

Increase the forward limit on YC WhatsApp; you can forward the same message, video, photo, link etc., to more than five receivers simultaneously. 

Change themes

On YC WhatsApp, you can change the themes of your chats. Choose a different theme for each discussion. This feature is only available on YC Whatsapp. Beautiful melodies are available on in the theme store.

YC Whatsapp

Sender sticker and emojis

Show your feelings to others by sending stickers and emojis to them. Beautiful emojis and stickers are available here. Just click on the emoji and send it instantly by clicking on the send arrow. 

Freeze last seen

On the YC WhatsApp, you can freeze your last seen. After freezing your last seen, you will not be able to see the last seen of others. Freezing the previous scene will add to your privacy. 

Customize fonts

You can customize your fonts on YC WhatsApp. This feature is unavailable on simple WhatsApp. Incredible designs of fonts will add to the beauty of your chats. 

Hide chatters name

You can hide the name of the chatter in this WhatsApp. When you reply to your friend whose name is being hidden by you, his name will be shown on the above message. But, it is not shown on the top of the display screen.

Key features

  • You can send large files on WhatsApp.
  • The files that are restricted can also be sent here.
  • Increase the word count of bios on this WhatsApp
  • You can hide the blue ticks of your chat. The receiver will not be informed that you have seen the message.
  • Hide the second tick that will increase the privacy of your WhatsApp. The sender will only see that the message is only sent to you. It will not know that you have received and seen the news.

How to install YC Whatsapp

To install YC WhatsApp, you must click on the link on this page. After clicking on the link, the download page will be opened before you. Click on the icon of YC Whatsapp and download it. After downloading, install it by clicking on its file. Make sure that your internet connection must be strong while downloading. After installing, enter the WhatsApp icon on the main screen and enjoy all the features like hide last seen, hide typing, hide recording, see deleted messages etc.


YC Whatsapp is the modified version of the official WhatsApp where you can get those features that are not present on simple WhatsApp. Hiding is the main feature of this WhatsApp. See the messages that are deleted for everyone. In addition to this, you can get customized themes here. Increase the image sharing and forwarding limit. Download it to enjoy many more here.


How to download YC Whatsapp?

To download YC WhatsApp, you must click on the link on this page.

how to update YC Whatsapp?

Update the YC WhatsApp by going to the app's settings and clicking the update button.

Is YC Whatsapp safe?

Yes, this WhatsApp is entirely safe for all devices.