Yo Whatsapp

YO Whatsapp

To date, several different mods of Whatsapp have been developed. All these mods have the same purpose:

  • To enhance people’s experience on Whatsapp. 
  • To proffer some compulsory features.
  • To provide some fun elements.

Information Description
Developer Yousef Al Basha
Latest Version 17.70
Availability Android only
APK Size 46.76 MB

So far, all these mods have been successful in this regard. However, some mods are considered preferable to others. One of these is YoWhatsapp. This variant of Whatsapp is popular among users due to numerous enthralling and engaging factors that it imparts. 

Yo Whatsapp

YoWhatsapp was developed by a famous Indonesian developer Yousef Al-Basha. It has several elements that the standard version cannot provide. 

YoWhatsapp and Whatsapp Dissimilarities 

There is no doubt that both these apps are used for communique purposes. People who want to contact their loved ones use these apps to stay in touch. However, there are many differences between YoWhatsapp and the usual version, as described below: 

  1. Themes 

A standard Whatsapp user knows nothing can be done about the interface. It has always been the green one. You cannot alter it following your preferences. That is why it sometimes becomes exhausting and dull. 

However, YoWhatsapp, on the other hand, comes with uncountable built-in themes. Yo themes include more than four thousand themes in its system. These are captivating, attractive, and aesthetic. You can utilize these themes free of cost. 

  1. Sending Large Data

Another shortcoming of Whatsapp is that you cannot send a video, photo, or more than 16 MB file. It is the maximum limit that the typical version proffers. Therefore, you cannot use the standard form if you want to transfer data more extensive than 16 MB. 

However, YoWhatsapp is more flexible in this case. It permits the user to send or receive larger data. You might be stunned to know that using YoWhatsapp, you can share videos, files, or photos up to 700 MB. 

  1. Privacy 

Using the original version can be maddening sometimes because there is no space for privacy. If you want to hide your online availability, you simply cannot. It is because there are several ways other people can get to know about your presence. 

Nevertheless, our adored mod is pliable in this sense as well. You can mask all the factors that hint at your online appearance. The following elements will help you camouflage:

  • Last seen can be shrouded. 
  • Double ticks can be hidden.
  • The blue tick can be veiled. 
  1. Double Accounts

With Whatsapp, you can have only a single account on the same device. It does not let you create an additional one for any reason. However, many people need two separate accounts for various purposes. 

If you, too, need two simultaneous accounts on the same cellular phone, what would you do? You will go for YoWhatsapp. This remarkable variant allows its users to create two accounts on two different numbers on the same device. 

Features Similar to WhatsApp but with additional features such as customizable themes, privacy settings, app lock, and more.
Customizable Themes Users can download and apply custom themes, and change fonts, and colors.
Privacy settings Users can hide their online status, blue ticks, second tick, and typing status.
App Lock Users can add an additional PIN, password, or fingerprint lock for the app.
Message scheduling Users can schedule messages to be sent at a specific time.
Increased file sharing Users can share files up to 700 MB in size.
Anti-Delete Messages Messages cannot be deleted by the sender once they are sent.
Language Support Supports over 30 languages.
  1. Read Deleted Messages 

On Whatsapp, it is easy for anyone to delete the sent message so that the receiver cannot read what they have sent. Some people desire to take notice of what is being masked. However, they cannot read the deleted content using the standard version. 

At the same time, YoWhatsapp offers a spectacular ability to undelete the content. With its built-in anti-delete mechanism, you can now see what is hidden from your eyes. 

Yo Whatsapp

  1. Status Downloading 

Does Whatsapp let you see others’ statuses? Yes. Does it permit you to download their statuses? No. Sometimes while watching someone’s status, you like it so much that you want to bag it. Unfortunately, the typical version will not let you do so. 

YoWa is fun in this regard as well. You will get to avail yourself of any story that one of your contacts uploads as their status. It is a more splendid element than any other in today’s world. 

  1. Shun Unwanted Calls 

Most people do not like it when strangers call them anytime and anywhere. These calls from unknown numbers can be very annoying. The problem is you cannot avoid them when using the customary Whatsapp version. Moreover, you can also not shun calls from unwanted persons in your contacts. 

But with YoWa, you have the edge over these undesired calls. You can selectively shun calls from unknown numbers or unwelcome contacts.


Q. What is YoWhatsapp?

YoWhatsapp is a variant of Whatsapp. It offers more features than the standard form.

How to download YoWhatsapp?

Go to a browser and search for YoWhatsapp APK, then download and install the file.

How to update YoWhatsapp?

Whatsapp>>>Settings>>>Chats>>>Backup>>>Tap>>>Uninstall YoWhatsapp>>Download latest version from the site>>>Install.

How to restore chat in YoWhatsapp?

You can restore chats by backing up your data, then deleting the existing YoWhatsapp and reinstalling it from the site. When the installation is complete, tap on the Restore Chat option.

Is YoWhatsapp safe to use?

YoWhatsapp is safe to use if downloaded from a trusted site.