ZE WhatsApp

ZE WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great Social Media App for instant texting and data sharing through free-of-cost images, files, audio, and video formats. Facebook owns WhatsApp. Currently, Official WhatsApp only fulfills some of the users’ requirements. Third-party developers create so many new MOD versions of WhatsApp. We will discuss one of these versions in this article. ZE WhatsApp is a great MOD version of the Original WhatsApp with valuable features. Its category is like GB WhatsApp and YC WhatsApp.

Information Description
Name ZE WhatsApp
Description Modified version of WhatsApp with added features and customization options.
Features Customization options, large file transfer, message scheduling, privacy options, anti-ban and anti-revoke features.
Compatibility Android 4.0 and above
Security Third-party app, potential risks
Availability Not on official app stores, must be downloaded from third-party sources
Cost Free, with possible ads or additional paid features

It is an impressive source of effective messaging. It has excellent functions such as; Anti-Revoke function, Anti-ban service, download Status, sharing large-sized files, and many more. Let’s discuss in detail its main features;

Effective Messaging

In this mode, you can do effective & instant messaging to your friends and family. You can customize messages in many ways. Like’

Scheduled Messaging

If you are performing heavy duties and risk forgetting important messages, you can schedule a message on the specific time and date to send. It is an excellent function of ZE WhatsApp for your busy life. 

Automatic Messaging

You can set a statement for auto-reply messages to your contacts. It will support you in getting all of the calls and messages. This option is mainly used for business purposes.

Copy Messages

You can press any conversation of your contacts. Long press any statement and copy it with just a single click.

Translate Messages

You can translate your message of any language into another language within the App without using Google translator or any other App. It will save you time.

Read Deleted messages

With its Anti-Revoke function, you can read deleted messages from your contacts. You need not irritate with unread messages.

Delete name & Date from Copied Messages

If you copy any message from your contacts but don’t want to show it as duplicated, you can remove the name and date from the messages. It will save you from the annoying situation.

Delivery of Messages

Blue Ticks show that you have read the message. In ZE WhatsApp, you can enable this function when you reply to a statement. The second Tick can also be enabled in this version.

Sharing Data

There are many categories of data sharing on WhatsApp platforms. It is a great platform to send & receive data for different purposes. We can discuss it in various types here.

ZE WhatsApp

Increased Images Limit

In Official WhatsApp, the image-sending limit is 30 images at once. But it is increased triple the time in ZE WhatsApp to 90 photos to your contacts or groups simultaneously.

Increased Video Limit

You can send videos to your contacts. You feel difficulty sending a large-sized video in official WhatsApp. ZE WhatsApp makes it easy to send large-size videos. You can send 50 MB of videos to anyone. 

Status Functionality

Status is an essential function related to WhatsApp. In the Original version, limited features are available to perform. ZE WhatsApp has many ways to use this function.

Download/Upload Statuses

This MOD version lets you use its features for different status tasks. You can download the status of your contacts. You can upload the status of 5 minutes on your wall. On the Official version, status timing is only 30 seconds. And character limits for status are also increased to 250 characters.

Copy Status

With this modified version, you can easily copy any status from your contacts. ZE WhatsApp makes everything easy for you to use.

Access to Deleted Status

If any of your friends delete the status after some time, you can access the deleted status with the Anti-Revoke function. 

Safe Privacy

ZE WhatsApp presents Privacy in a safe & secure way. You feel so relaxed with its privacy features.

  • You can freeze your online status to work smoothly without any interruption.
  • You can hide your last seen from others.
  • Use Airplane Mode.
  • Hide while you are typing.
  • Hide your recording option from others to see your every activity.

Excellent Customizing Features

There are a lot of methods to customize all of your features to work with great interest on ZE WhatsApp. You can make your interface more attractive and set your texting in a unique style with different fonts.

  • Attractive Interface using colorful Themes
  • Use Bubble & Ticks for Interface
  • Change the Background with beautiful images
  • Customize your chatting wall with stickers and fonts
  • Change App Icon & Notifications

More Impressive Features

  1. A Theme store to use
  2. Send Broadcast messages to groups
  3. Collection of Emojis to use
  4. Access to links on other WA statuses
  5. Enable the swipe option to reply to messages

Final Words

With ZE WhatsApp, you can perform better than official WhatsApp for all activities. Its features are lovely to use for more customization and privacy. You can download this MOD version from our website with the provided link. Enjoy the safe & secure version of WhatsApp.


What is ZE WhatsApp?

It is a MOD Version of Official WhatsApp with extra features unavailable on official WhatsApp.

Can we download statuses in ZE WhatsApp?

Yes, this version allows you to copy and download the statuses from your contacts.

Is it safe to use ZE WhatsApp?

Yes, it has an Anti-Ban service to save your account from being banned. You are also safe from any virus because of its antivirus security.

Can we lock this App?

You can lock this App with a Pin code, password, or fingerprint without locking your mobile.