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JT Whatsapp

Whatsapp has earned billions of users in the last decade. From the West Indies to Japan, almost everyone uses this communique application. People love this app due to its feasibility in communicating with their loved ones.

App Name JTWhatsApp
License Freeware
Android Requirement 5.0 or above
Version v9.52
File size 57 MB
Last updated 1 day ago

Despite its enormous popularity, people nowadays are drifting away from it. The reason lies in many empty spaces that the developers do not like to fill. This has given an opportunity to third-party developers. These minds have come up with a perfect solution to fulfill the spaces. 

They have introduced modified formats of the original version that provide more features. One such modded version is JT Whatsapp. This variant has many enthralling and captivating elements that a user wants.

Why Whatsapp Cannot Serve Well 

Before jumping on to the discussion about JT Whatsapp, it is necessary to establish the primary difference. People who have not used any modded version yet can ask:

“Why is JT Whatsapp better than Whatsapp?

Some might also ask about the flaws in the indigenous format that has allowed the development of apps like JT. To answer these questions, we have the following points that can quickly rid your confusion:

  • Whatsapp lets you chat and make audio or video calls, but it does not offer more than that.
  • The requirement for additional features arises because the world has modernized a lot. People cannot be satisfied with fundamental factors only.
  • They want an application that can give them much freedom regarding various aspects.
  • Some folks are fed up with the same interface of Whatsapp. They do not want to see green anymore. 
  • Others wish for another level of flexibility. For example, they might long to download someone’s status.
  • Whatsapp has failed to provide an advanced privacy level. For instance, it can quickly tell anybody that you are present online.
  • From strangers to your contacts, anyone can call you at any time. This is one of the biggest problems for conventional users. Sometimes they want to be left alone, but it is impossible as long as they use the standard format.
  • The mobile lock is not enough to protect or safeguard your personal data. People need a format that has its own app lock system.
  • People in business and professionals use the regular version significantly, and they need to notify their colleagues or subordinates at particular times. For them, a scheduled messaging factor would be a great addition. Unfortunately, the indigenous format failed to provide the facility.
  • Fashion lovers want their chat box to look tremendous and aesthetic. Therefore, they wish to change the background and alter font styles. This is impossible using the typical Whatsapp. 

These ten flaws are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other issues with the typical format, like not being able to share large data files. 

JT Whatsapp

On the other hand, JT Whatsapp provides all the above-described elements. That is why it is much better than Whatsapp.

Pros Cons
More advanced privacy features Not an official or authorized Whatsapp version
Built-in app lock system Security risks associated with using third-party apps
No online availability status No official customer support
Ability to schedule messages Possibility of account suspension or banning
Option to customize themes, fonts, and backgrounds Possibility of missing out on official Whatsapp updates
Send and receive larger files up to 100MB Possibility of glitches or bugs
Send up to 90 images at a time Not available on official app stores
Download anyone’s status without notifying them
 See online status while hiding own status

 Fun Elements of JT Whatsapp 

JT Whatsapp is a treasured application for those who are already using it. They know the level of feasibility and pliability. This version gives them. If you have not used the format yet, you might want to look at the following features:

  1. It helps you eliminate the dull green theme and replace it with the one you love. 
  2. It is an application that provides you with the next level of security. It has a built-in app lock system. 
  3. It does not give off your online availability. This fantastic variant can shut down many aspects that can do so. 
  4. You can choose the persons who can call you and block others.
  5. You will not miss sending an important note to your colleagues or subordinates utilizing its schedule messaging feature.
  6. More extensive and heavy data can be shared quickly. There is no limitation of 16 MB.
  7. More than 30 and up to 90 pictures can be sent or received with JT Whatsapp.
  8. You can also send high-quality HD photos without concern about the quality. Different from the standard version, it will always maintain its quality. 
  9. You can get anyone’s status without letting them know.
  10. You can see if someone is online or not while masking your availability.

All the above fun factors of JT Whatsapp are for free. You will not be charged a penny.