Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are thankful for your support to GB WHATSAPP, and kindly carefully review the terms and privacy policy to access your data. We protect your personal data and can’t share it with any company or organization for mining and searching. You should be aware of all types of data we collect from devices and gather for analytics purposes.

Data Which We Collect

By using our service on your devices, you should be aware of the fact that which type of data we collect from your personal devices.

Personal Data

The service of GB WHATSAPP collects personal information in the categories of email address and type of user data. This information is selected to improve our service and keep track of the regular visits analytics of our website.

 The email address is used to cover the aspect of how many times any particular device visits for different time intervals. 

Along with this information, we also collect the IP address of your device, your internet service, and your device type to provide the best suitable services. We monitor the data to analyze your visits and time spent on the GB WHATSAPP, and we recommend the best options for our service.

Advanced Cookies

The automatic tracking options are enabled by tracking cookies in GB WHATSAPP to bring improvement to our service. The cookies are detected to analyze which part of our website is frequently visited by the users and which part requires more traffic, and in this way, we improve our website. The cookies are also used to share with advertising companies to provide the best ads for the targeted audience.

It is your choice to allow or forbid the access of advanced cookies, and you can block the access of cookies; our service will not recommend the best suitable options for your device.

Access to Third Party Services

The privacy policy of GB WHATSAPP protects the user’s privacy, and our website may have links to third-party services to provide the best services for your devices. These third-party services may be the advertising companies and the security networks to access the user cookies. These services use cookie options to provide the best advertisement campaigns and other related services to provide similar services like our website to your devices.

You can also disable the option not to provide your information to other services, and in some options, we have to share the user’s information for security issues and problems. We do not have control over the issues of these actions by the server security actions.

Personal Privacy Rights

All the information of our user are protected and are kept under the security conditions of GB WHATSAPP. We keep the information of our visitors for some particular time, and these are then removed for the privacy of users. We make updates and changes to our websites, and the information is collected, and the collected data is deleted after progressive changes and updates.